We've all wanted to drive them, fly them, cut em loose. I'm talking the vehicles of the screen. From then to now, there have been some awesome cars, trucks and other vehicles that have driven my imagination wild. Let's take a look at some of my favorite Hollywood mean machines...


-- DeLOREAN --

Yes, the rumors are true. Doc Brown did indeed build a time machine out of a DeLorean. Even now, 25 years after it's film debut in Back To The Future, the stainless steel, plutonium powered, time traveling DeLorean remains a true icon in the world of star cars.

Of course in Part II, the car was upgraded with the ability to fly, and was now powered by a Mr. Fusion generator instead of Plutonium. Then in Part III, it was dug out of a mine from the 19th century, and refitted with new parts for a different look than normal...

The DeLorean picked of all kinds of mileage in the eras of 1985, 1955, 2015 and 1885. Sadly, it was destroyed by a freight train in Part III, and I will admit as a fan, I was sorry to see it happen. It's successor, the Time Train was ok..

..but nowhere as charming. In these three fantastic films, the DeLorean will always live on.

-- [b]KITT[/b] --

Ah yes, the Knight Industries Two Thousand. My car from childhood. KITT was made from a Pontiac Trans Am, and was equipped with almost any gadget or scanner known to man. He was also layered with practically indestructible body, dubbed a "molecular bonded shell". Plus, he had his own AI personality, and could talk with the best of em.

Michael Knight, operative of the Foundation for Law and Government, drove KITT all across the country, helping those in need. Over the years they went up against corrupt businessmen, twisted officials and your basic low down criminals.

As invulnerable as he was, each season finale saw KITT "destroyed" in some fashion. At the end of year 1, he was run over by the massive truck called Goliath. In season 2, he was blown up by drone cars. In 3, KITT was demolished by the Juggernaut vehicle.

But he came back stronger after each rebuilding. I didn't get into the new version of KR that much, but the classic is still a favorite.

-- [b]AIRWOLF[/b] --

Ok, so it's not a car. But this copter kicks butt and takes names. Airwolf was a secret government project, created by "The Firm" and piloted by Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini.

They flew the Airwolf all around the USA and to different parts of the world on all kinds of missions for The Firm. In exchange for Hawke's services as pilot, The Firm was to locate his MIA brother. As an added precaution of the deal, Hawke kept Airwolf hidden in an extinct volcano.

With a distinctive "howl" during flight, Airwolf had amazing speed, and was armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons.

Don't look up in the sky for Superman..look out for Airwolf.

-- [b]ECTO-1[/b] --

A spooktacular vehicle built from a 1940's Cadillac ambulance, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters is widely accepted as awesome.

In the sequel, it was overhauled with all new lights and more as the Ecto-1A

What can you say that hasn't already been said? A classic ride, a siren blare all it's own, loaded with unlicensed nuclear accelerators, it is an awesome car.

-- [b]ASTON MARTIN DB5[/b] --

The essential James Bond car. It first appeared in Goldfinger, but also showed up a couple of other films as well. Fitted with the basics..machine guns, smoke screen, oil slick and ejector seats, this silver beauty is the standard in a fine line of vehicles for 007.


Other than the fact Minority Report is one of my favorite movies, this car doesn't mean too much. But I thought it looked pretty cool.

-- [b]GENERAL LEE[/b] --

I am a proud, born and bred Georgia boy. But I never was a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard. I found it to be ridiculously stereotypical in regard to "my people", and just dumb overall. Be that as it may, I still could appreciate the car.

The General Lee. It's an orange Dodge Charger that tons of people make replicas of, and show em off at car expos. Not my top favorite, but it's too well known to ignore.

-- [b]VIPER[/b] --

In the city of Metro, criminals are basically running things. All kinds of technology is implemented to a Dodge Viper, similar to this...

..as a secret project by the police to gain an edge over the baddies. With the flip of a switch, the Viper would change from a red muscle car to an armored mean machine called the Defender, and prowl the streets in search of justice, as the intro narration said.

The car was developed by Julian Wilkes, and driven by Joe Astor..who was basically brought back from the dead as a thief named Michael Payton. For the first season of Viper, Joe and Julian, assisted by mechanic Frankie Waters, basically acted as vigilantes with the Viper that they basically stole from corrupt city officials.

In seasons 2 and 3, Astor was replaced by former CIA op Thomas Cole, and partnered with police officer Cameron Westlake, tech specialist Allie Farrow and Frankie still on the side. In season 4, Joe returned, and the destroyed Viper was rebuilt as a blue coupe similar to this one..

..although I don't think it had stripes.

In Defender mode, the Viper was armored with a gray hull that held up against most attacks and projectile weapons. On the lower sides, two cannons fired various armaments such as tunneler missile, grappling cable, static pulse and eventually machine guns. It was also equipped with a robotic probe used for surveillance or errands. The wheels could even expand for driving over rough terrain! Definitely one of my top TV vehicles.

-- [b]MUNSTER KOACH[/b] --

If the Ecto-1 were to have a soul mate, it would be the Munster Koach. It's the original 8-seater family car!

Keep 'er running, Herman.

-- [b]1989 BATMOBILE[/b] --

Some say the Adam West version is THE Batmobile. While I agree it is a classic, for me and many of my generation, the '89 model is the one and only.

From the first moment I saw it after the Dark Knight said "Get in the car", I knew this was the Batmobile.

Driving through the mean streets of Gotham, the outer highways to the cave, and out of the exploding chemical plant, this was MY Batmobile. And still is.

And that is all I wrote.