I like to thank Retro Junk for Inspiring me to make worst of list.

5.) Tak & The Power Juju-This show has to be the first worst video game show I've seen. Lok is a total jerk to Tak, The Tribe are a group of idiots, and Tak is dumber than the 2008 movie Igor. I ask you now "What was Kari Wahlgren & Maurice LaMarche thinking?"

4.) My Gym Parter's a Monkey-One of the most juvenile things to fill in a deadslot. Art is bland & dreadful, jokes are borings & the voices are even more juvenile than the show itself. At least it's not that Squirrel Boy crap still airing.

3.) Pearlie-When will Austraila learn not to import their flash animations to the USA. It's remains (humor & what not) from Yakkity Yak.

2.) CatDog-I still don't see why people like this so much. It's more of those baby shows on Nick JR. than it is a Nick classic. It's also an evil rip-off to poor Kirby

Rancid-King Dedede
Eddie-The Waddle Dees
Randolph-Meta Knight

The humor is the R-word, The dialog is so depressing & and voice are that annoying. There are good show that like this Watch "Adventure Time" or "Regular Show" instead

1.)Chalkzone-Yet another show people like so much. Don't believe any review TV.com is saying about it. The art is appalling, The humor is abysmal & the voices are so annoying (especially Joe's, Bruno's & That BiClops thing) who may want rip your ears off after you watch this. Oh, it's also a Ed, Edd, & Eddy rip-off

Reggie-Johnny 2x4

Will somebody please take Chalkzone off the air?!

There's my list. hope you'll like it. I should try a best of list