So what does it take to be a hero?

An unquenchable thirst for justice? The unshakable belief in good over evil? A noble heart?


All you need is a friggin' BLAZING SWORD!

Just make sure not to use it until the very last moment. Start the battle using every other weapon in your arsenal, this justifies the enormous military budget the government needs to keep the defense contractors happy, gives everyone involved a chance to throw out their best one liners, and just plain keeps things a little more interesting for the spectators of the battle. Namely the citizens whose lands, homes, and lives are being destroyed by the terrible conflict. Hear the cries of the people: "Just use the friggin' sword!"

It is this reporters opinion that King Zarkon's goal is not to destroy Voltron in a one off one on one conflict with a Ro-beast, but to ultimately drain the Kingdom of Altair's resources slowly and over a long period of time with a series of short pointless battles...crippling the Monarchy's economy and destroying Altair's infrastructure.