In 1991, SEGA released a game thatchanged the face of video games. It made the NES look outdated. That made SEGA look like a king. That game is Sonic The Hedgehog.

First, lets start out with the graphics. Holy crap. The graphics at that time were amazing. Each stage is detailed and looks awsome. This showed off the Genesis's graphics so well. This made the NES seem all old and bland. Also there is one thing that SEGA did have that Nintendo didnt...BLAST PROCESSING!!!

The music was top notch. Every stage had great catchy music that will stay in your head for weeks. It made the Genesis actully sound good. Let us not forget the Green Hill music. Classic stuff.

But the most of all important thing is the gameplay and man did this deliver. Almost every stage is fast past,platforming awsomeness. Not every stage is good. Like the Labrinth zone. That stage just sucked. But other than that, the game is overall awsome. Even the boss battles,while easy, are still memorable.
This game is awsome and if u gave a Genesis, u need to buy this game.

But let me take this time to tell u the impact that this game had on the industry. First, it put SEGA on the map. I mean yeah they had great arcade games, but this game made them a household name. Every kid had to have a Genesis. It also made SEGA a worthy rival for Nintendo. Now Nintendo hade some competition

Another major thing was the birth of mascots. Now, every company had to have a mascot like Bonk Rockster,Bubsy,and Kirby just to name a few. There were tons, and i mean tons of mascot characters. All because of a fast blue hedgehog. Now that is impressive.

Finally, and most importantly, it brought the birth of one of the most famous mascots of all time...Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic needs no introduction. He has been in so many games, so many comics, so many shirts, he has been EVERYWHERE. Sonic is the reason why I love SEGA(hence the name.)

Well, thats all I gotta say. Leave me in the comments what do u think of this game. Overall, this game is a classic and should be loved By everyone. This is Segafanboy10, and I will see u next time.