There is nothing in this world that can replace the feel of an original Nintendo controller, or the stacks of cartridges that seem to be growing up the side of your wall. However modern technology has come through with a gift for us all to be grateful for. I am talking about the gift of Emulation. article image
After downloading a few programs such as Nester , ZSNES, or Project 64. You can relive those days of staying up for days on end playing your favorite games and the best part you can save it so if you get stuck on a certain level you can replay it without staring all over again. Now some people say "hey that's cheating it's not the same." You may be right but these systems are alot harder to come by nowadays and the fact that my PC can store the entire library of games and systems is amazing.
The best part about it is that the XBOX 360 controllers have a USB port that will connect to a PC and works great with all emulators. article image
Modern Technology used for retro purposes. Isn't that what retro junk is all about? Using modern Technology to communicate with each other and relive childhood memories.
Roms and emulators will never replace the real thing but it sure as hell beats not being able to throw in a classic from time to time and relive greatness.
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