I was four years old when I got my first pet. She was a calico cat that my aunt got for a friend and they couldn't keep. My mom decided we could have her. I was so excited as I had never had a pet before.
lol, as a kid never having owned a dog, I was jealous of the kids that did have one, I bought a leash and used to take tigger for walks around my neighborhood
We named her tigger after the winnie the pooh character. Tigger slept on my bed with me and I would pet her til I fell asleep simply because I was afraid if I didn't pet her she would leave.
Cats are normally pretty self reliant, but I remember one year when I was fifteen and working at the boy scout camp, I came home one night to grab some stuff and as I left, tigger was outside. She wouldn't come inside until I came in the door to show her I wasn't leaving. It was a lie, but I didn't want her out all night.
Tigger continued to live and have a good life even while I left for 4 years to join the navy. When I finally came back home, tigger was nothing but skin and bones. She was still alive, but sadly I felt like she wasn't the same. The pet I left was much different than what she had become. A part of me feels like she gave so much waiting for me to come home, that she didn't have much left. She did wait for me to come home, but sadly passed on about a month after I returned.
this article might not be that concise, and sadly all the pictures I have of tigger are long gone because i took them so many years ago, but this cat lived to be 20 years old, and gave all she had for a boy that had grown up and honestly didn't appreciate her like I used to. I'm sorry this article is still hard to write. I am not good at writing and have been sitting on this article for almost a year now, but have yet so see an article about a first pet on here. I hope someone else can do it better