The Movie Theater.

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The movie theater is my home away from home. A place filled with arcade games. A place that has a concession stand filled with any item of your choice. A place where you get to see any film you want.

I have always liked movies. Since I viewed Toy Story for the first time as a baby, I was hooked.

Granted movies are not as good as they were back in the day, I have found myself to prefer more Retro films from the 70's, 80's and 90's then today's films.

If there's one thing that all movies share, whether you go to the theater, watch a dvd or VHS tape, for those who still haven't upgraded, or are simply watching a movie on TV or watching it on your on Demand channel (demanding if you a cable box and who is your supplier), it's that they all contain one thing: a movie trailer.

The trailer is a very important essence in a movie. After all, it shows you footage from the film. You get to learn a little bit about the film, and also get a first look at the film being shown.

What's in the trailer is very important. If they show too much footage, people will think that there isn't any need to see it. If they show too little footage, people will think not know anything about it, will think it isn't interesting and doesn't think it deserves to be viewed by them.

I constantly watch find myself viewing trailers just to see what the film the trailer is about is like. Now I don't always watch trailers for new, upcoming films, I often watch trailers about movies from the past, just to see what it is like. It has become a very big hobby for me.

I decided that for my first article, I need to do something interesting. I figured what better subject then movie trailers.

This article will show you what trailers I think are the best and the worst. I will explain why I think some trailers are the best, and I will explain why I think other trailers are the worse.

In order to keep this retro, no trailers will be shown that are for movies past the year 1999.

Now before we begin, some more information:

1) This is my first article, so bear with me if you don't think it's the absolute best article on here

2) These trailers don't go in any order except for the BEST and the WORST sections. So neither trailer in each section is better or worse then the previous one or the upcoming one

3) I debated heavily whether or not to include pictures in here, and the only reason I did was because half of all the current daily users on here have a fit if they don't see any pictures. So please don't say how bad the pictures are, because I don't have a photo editing system yet

4) This is a long article, so I suggest you get a drink and a snack before you begin reading

Alright! Now if we are all done, let's begin with the best section and kick it off with trailer number one...