Remeber the movies of yester year? Well if you don't we will take a look back on some of the greatest movies of all time. How many movies? 5 great movies (in my opinon).
From the 70's and 80's here are the greatest movies of all time.

1. A long time ago in a galaxy far away Star wars was all the rage.
The start of a legacy. A box office smash with some great special effects. Fans of Star wars will know that the force is strong with this one.
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Is it good? Yes a box office smash how can it not be good I mean this movie was ahead of its time all the fame it got, the careers it started and a sequel. this movie is truly worth seeing. Rent it if your not into Sci-fi.

2. Remeber the movie with the bikes flying through the air? E.T. a classic movie that phone home into the hearts of millions.
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Is it good? It's one of my favs and it probably is one of yours. I mean the directing, story, and the acting and don't forget the famous line, E.T. phone home is what makes E.T. a classic
A buy for people who love this movie

3. You know how a beach is a great family place? This movie might change your mind
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From the director Steven Speilberg brings you one of the most scariest movie made. Bet you'll think twice before going to far at the beach.
Is it good? To some people yes to some people no. Everyone will have their opinon. I'm with the yes its good. If your fan of sharks you probably seen this. If not give it a try.

4. If you like scary movies and you grew up in 70's this movie should bring back nightmares.
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Who could forget this horror movie? Nobody it probably scar people with the scenes and story. This is a perfect scary movie if your young see it with an adult.
Is it good? If it scares the crap out of you probably yes for some and no for some. I can't recommend
this movie for people under age. But if you have seen it before in theaters be sure to have the lights on(less scary lol).

5.This movie is an offer you can't refuse.
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To tell you the truth I never actually seen this movie I want to but it's too gory. I can't tell you my opinon but people have said it's one of the best movies ever.

Well thats it for the greatest movie ever pt.1. Hope you enjoy it pt 2 coming soon