Normal day, normal life

all turned upside down

Walking along the edge of a knife

in this quiet Cali town

To the mall at 1:18

to help out a friend

Such things I have never seen

has he met his end?

Oh my god, I'm back in time!

Hello, Mom and Dad!

Gone is all the dirt and grime

the 50's never had

Look, my friend is here as well

as a younger dude

Ronald Regan, ring a bell?

He invents and broods

I told him my tale

and I can tell you sure

Should the lightning storm not fail

I'd go back to the future!

But first some mistakes

for it was plain to see

somewhere in the confusing mix

my Mom got the hots for me!

Time to put Dad to action

turn this awkward geek

into a charmer with fashion

by the end of the week

Get him to rescue the girl

Oops – change in plans

That Biff, always in their world

George became a man

Time to rock out

so they can kiss

there was no doubt

that he wouldn't miss

The time has come! The time has come!

Thunder rages on

I'm going home! I'm going home!

A plug falls on the lawn

My dearest friend, the Doc

will I see him again?

He climbs that tower's clock

too late to stop the end?

Just as the crash resounds

the charge goes down the wire

and with a crackling sound

I am consumed by fire

Oh my god, I'm home!

For better or for worse

Normal life for some

but I broke my family's curse

And with my best friend all right

My best girl here to show

Our future is our own light

anywhere…and when we go!