Oh yeah, the Batcave. I know there's someone out there that has one, or still does, collecting dust. (Just like mine, lol) Anyone notice they used, in this case, the same model of the 1989 Batcave for the 1992 Returns one? I loved twisting the dial that would make the Batsuit entryway flip.
As a kid, I showed this trick to a girl. I opened the door,with the batsuit empty, closed it, fliped the dial, and reopened it to show Bruce Wayne. As a little kid, she was amazed. Ha Ha.

I would play, with my brother, endless scenerios and "episodes" with these charecters. (For example, above, when the Joker is trying to kidnap Bruce Wayne, is found by The Bat.)We would mix them with other action figures from outside of DC, or even Superhero Universe. (Pee-Wee and Batman, Batman and G.I. Joe, etc) I know I'm not the only one who mixed up their action figures. (Batman Vs Terminator was bada**)

Here we go, on the left is the rare, but Nicholson resembling Joker, the other, more common one was a reissue of the same Joker model in the Toy Company. I think the Toy Company was Kenner, but someone can correct me if I am wrong. This Joker was a lot better.

Now Bob was a tight toy, if any of you were lucky enough to have the Bob The Goon action figure. He could do a karate kick with a switch attached to his back! (Neither the switch, nor his kicking abilities were scene in the movie however) I dunno, it seems like as a kid you didn't care. Now action figures must be made literally like their movie counterparts.

Not that it wasn't nice to have some that resembled their counterparts.

Ok, this wasn't a toy per say, more like a Super Size figurine. It looked good having on the bookshelf (as where I keep mine) or on the coffee table to scare someone. All of these toys I photographed darkly, because that's how I imagined the villians and Batman to be as I was playing them.
The Penguin is especially dark because, well because it's Danny Devito in makeup. If that isn't scary enough he oozes out black stuff from his mouth. (in the movie) That movie scared me so bad as a kid, but I love it now.
I'm surprised I got this, I never played with it, hence it's good condition. It's more of a collecters item, which now pretty much every toy seems to be.