I grew up watching Doogie Howser MD on both ABC and in reruns. Christmas 2007, I received Doogie Howser MD Season 1 on DVD. I spent my new year's eve and new year's day watching it. Doogie got me thru which would turn out to be the aftermath of the worst new year's eve of my life.

Now, the reason why New Year's Eve 2007, was the worst new year's eve of my life is because I was screwed over by two girls. One girl whom I had met online was supposed to come over to see me to spend new year's eve with me. Now, before you say the guy is supposed to come to the girl, I did not have a car, or a license to drive one at the time and I still don't.

Later that night, while watching the ball drop, my friend Karin called me and told me not to call anymore because I always yelled and got mad. Yes, I admit that I yelled and got mad in the past when I talked to her, but I did not yell and get mad on that day. I was hoping for a good convo because she caught me in a good mood and everything and bingo, she tells me not to call anymore. She did not give me any credit for being nice that day and I deserved more credit than what she gave me. After she called that night I was so upset, I threw a glass across the room and cried myself to sleep.

That afternoon I started watching some Doogie while waiting on Heather which was the girl who I was waiting on to come over, but she never showed up so I watched some more Doogie. I turn off Doogie to watch the ball drop, and Karin calls and tells me not to call anymore. I put off watching the ball drop and i send her a smattering of emails on myspace and I get upset.

The next morning, I wake up send Karin more emails watch some Doogie, play on youtube, and I send Karin one last message on facebook. I calmly reason with her like a mature human being telling her how unfair I thought it was that she told me not to call anymore and she caught me in a good mood that day.

I get off the net, that night and I watch some Doogie to get Karin off the brain. Now, watching Doogie really calmed me down. Doogie is a doctor, but like every other teenager he has to deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up.

It took me all night to watch Doogie, But I am glad that it did because I needed to give Karin some space.

After I get thru watching Doogie, I get a message from Karin, saying

"I'm sorry, I was wrong, Please forgive me, you are right."

Now Karin and I are still talking to each other and we are still friends.

However, if it wasn't for me getting Doogie Howser for christmas, I would have been an emotional wreck but once I started watching Doogie on New Year's Day 2008, the second disc of Doogie Howser, I was comforted.