#10: End of Days:
This movie is sick, Arnold fights demons and what not. And what is even sicker is that Arnold dies in it! Now to the casual viewer, so what right? But Arnold has never died in a movie before...so this is a first for his career and the movie is just great too.

#9: Predator:
I know most people will say i'm crazy for putting Predator at number 9, and i love the movie too, but there are so many great Arnold flicks. I also love Jesse the body Ventura and he is awesome in this one.

#8: Eraser:
I LOVE this flick, i shoulda put it higher. Arnold "erases" you if you're like a witness or snitch, kinda like an extreme witness protection program. Arnold is great in this movie and its actually not a cheesy action flick like some of my favorite Arnold movies, it has a great story and his acting is pretty good...

#7: Jingle All the Way:
How can this not be on the list? It's a Christmas classic and its an Arnold flick. I'm a mailman myself, so watching Sinbad play a carrier is hilarious. Phil Hartman is awesome in it and is totally gettin with Arnold's wife on the side...i mean the guy was there when she was showering without Arnold there...oh snap! Also the fight scene at the end with Sinbad is phenomenal, they dress up as the toys and duke it out during the parade float.

#6: Twins:
You were waiting for this one...sorry no Kindergarten Cop on MY list. To this day, i say i'm gonna "nuke" it when i put a lot of parmesan cheese on my pasta...yes i'm from Jersey and love pasta with parmesan. Anyway, Danny DeVito is GREAT on "Always Sunny", anyone else agree? Oh and he's great in Twins too. Love this flick.

#5: Commando:
"Let off some steam, bennett." Best line in any movie, ever. Wait, "Remember when i said i'd kill you last? I lied." Ok, two best lines in any movie ever. Great cheese action flick, the scene in the mall when his plan falls through and has to fight all kinds of security and cops is bad ass. Jumping out of the plane, bad ass. And Alyssa Milano was good in it, i think it was pre-Who's the Boss but i don't know.

#4: Red Heat:
Arnold and Jim Belushi are good as opposites, kinda like Larry and Balky on Perfect Strangers. Arnold is a soviet cop and Jim is a Chicago cop both looking for some Russian dude who's plottin 'ish with some Americans. This movie is the first American film to ever shoot a scene in the famous Red Square...yeah that's how awesome Arnold is. They were like, oh Arnold's in it, hell yeah. If you have never seen this movie, do yourself a favor and check it out.

#3: Running Man:
This is based off a Stephen King book and its better than ANY, i say any flick based on a Stephen King book. Arnold is wrongly imprisoned and only way out is to survive the game show called "Running Man". It takes place in 2019 and television is now running people's lives...wow so far fetched these days, right? Only a matter of time until something like this actually comes to fruition in my opinion. With ace stalkers like Subzero, Buzzsaw, Dynamo, and Fireball will anyone survive this game? Yes, Arnold wil, he always wins...except in End of Days.

#2: Conan the Barbarian:
I chose this over the Destroyer because its better...ok also because James Earl Jones turns from human into a freaking snake! I lied about Commando, this movie has THE greatest line of all time. "What is best in life? Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women." 'Nuff said.

#1: Pumping Iron:
Ahhhh you were expecting something else, maybe Terminator? Feel like maybe Terminator got a raw deal? See what i did there, Raw Deal was another good Arnold flick that didn't make my list..sorry no room here, its not a top 15. Pumping Iron is astounding. Arnold punks Lou Ferigno SO bad. Arnold and Lou are both competing for Mr.Olympia and Arnold is constantly messing with him. This is not a movie, its more a documentary, which makes it even greater. At one point he tells Lou that he called his mother and is like, "I told her i won yesterday", mind you like two days before the competition even happens..he was cocky and hilarious. A reporter asks them both what kind of milk they use in their protein shakes or do they use water? And as Lou is all serious and starts to answer "whole milk" Arnold cuts him off and is like "girls drinks milk, real men drink beer." I mean that's priceless punking. In front of Lou's parents he says "after i win the competition i'll take your family out for dinner and your sister out to a movie, lou." After the competition like within hours of winning Arnold is smoking a joint while Lou is doing pushups worrying about next year...Arnold is the man and this is his best flick.