I say it all the time to my friends and strangers I strike up conversations with. Kids today got the shaft on having a truly wonderful childhood. Being I am only 10 to 15 years older than todays generation. Not that much older in the grand scheme of things, us early 20 somethings grew up in a truly golden age of anything a everything that is Media. Movies, Games, TV, Music....etc. You name it, if you ponder for only a momment and you find something you cherish in any category.

I don't pretend to be the expert on all things retro junk has to offer, but I gotta be a Harvard student. I was fat, loved mcdonalds, and watched television for hours on end day after day. Thus no life. Oh and a huge Star Wars fanatic?? The peices come togather to form the entity that is me..... One damn good person to have a conversation of the past with. Now I was into everything you all were. Some went hardcore into videogames, others into thundercats. All good. Personally, it was the turtles and power rangers. Oh lord them rangers. How i love thee. Well up until Turbo.
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Then Star Wars kicks in and I will never be rid of it. Cartoons and movies in the 80's and 90's were more than entertainment for me. They were a lifestyle. You ever get so hypped for a movie, that it seemed like an "event"? That would be me. Obviously this is very broad, and the point is to show how my life affects my work. Every single chracter I create is based on a real person.

You grow up watching media for so long, everyone you know reminds you of a cartoon chracter. This is a series for everyone like me and my friends, who grew up die hard TV watching, game playing fanatics. There are a lot of you out there. In the end a TV series would be made. Gotta wait in line with the other wannabes like us. Till then fellow media dumpster divers, dig deep, and uncover the good junk. That a good tag line for this site?

Thanks commrades for reading, and if you don't hate my rants, contact me for more cartoons....

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