There are A LOT of games out there with terrible Reputations. Most of those games...well there crap. But then there a the select few that have jumped aboard the misfortune train and got to that catagory in a different way, I hope you feel sorry for the Good Games with Bad Reps....

Castlevania II Simon's Quest:
A bad game you say? Well no, not really. Infact I find it to be an enjoyable outlier in the Castlevania series. Well maybe not an outlier compared to some of the more recent games *cough cough* Judgement *cough cough* But the game was undeniably different then its next to sequals and the original. How did this one gain a bad rep? Well the internet is a big place, and a very talented actor/director by the name of James Rolfe, (AKA the AVGN) begun his series of AVGN episodes with this single game. And in many of his newer episodes he refers back to this! Now im not blamming James completly on CII's bad rep, buuuut he did have alot to do with it. YESSSS I do relize he does the shows as a joke and for entertainment, and hes not really serious, but some people didnt know that at the time, Which put Simon's Quest in the doghouse.

Another titles rep down the drain by an online Irate personality? As far fetched as it is, yes. Yo!Noid was a product placement game for the NES, featuring the Noid (Domino's Pizzas famed mascot) on an adventure to stop his "Evil Twin". Now the story is WAY out there, But who gives a crap on an 8-bit game? Now once again the Irategamer (as im sure you already knew who i was talking about) didnt personally put this game in the dog house. But considering that this game is considerablly good, he did bash it pritty damn hard. And seeing that the Irategamer has a very big following, many of them bashed it too. Putting Yo!Noid's rep even further down then it already was. Yo!Noid probably was a hard game to swallow from the begining though. A rediculous idea for a game (which ended up being kinda fun) The game was FILLED with product placement, and advertisements for Domino's Pizza, which does not make for a good reputation at all. The game was decent though, and does deserve alittle more credit then its given. Yo!Noid, rediculous, shameful, but fun.

Ive only covered 2 of the many games that deserve more credit then there given, but there are MANY more where that came from, and trust me ill tell you all about it, in the next part!