Like the first article its more for underrated games and ones you might have forgotten about although there are some well known games on the list.

Comic hero games

The first game is a superhero beat-em up. I don't think this was a popular game but I seemed to enjoy it and since there making all the superhero films I thought it would be interesting to put on the list.

Apart from the recent Batman game which was really good this was my fav Batman game I played as a kid. The music had a cool Gothic sound and the gameplay was good but a bit tricky at times dodging villains. I liked the fact you had a vary of weapons like in the film. Although I enjoyed this game allot I did find it quite tricky in places.

I don't think they made many X-Men games atleast good ones anyway but I think this one was quite did quite well. I really like the front cover to the box which I had as a poster. I only played a bit of this game and I really liked it. The characters were able to perform some good moves and the game did the comics and cartoon justice.

I think Spider-Man vs. the kingpin is the best Spider-Man game ever made it has great music and fun gameplay.There's quite a few villains that show up throughout the game including Venom who looks a bit like an ape.You get the chance to take photos which you look at end of each level and get cash to charge your web cartridges up. A very fun game and a bit tricky in places.

Other Megadrive games

Alien 3 is a fun shooter as you control Ripley crawling around tunnels and rooms blowing the crap out of Aliens and rescuing any bold prisoners along the way. The weapons varied from machine guns to flame thrower and also grenades. It was quite a fast intense game so you had to be alert at all times.

I cant really talk about Flashback too much because I didn't even complete the first level. The graphics seemed ahead of it time in the early 90's. The intro scene was really impressive which still stands out to me. The gameplay for me was a bit stiff and hard to control and the reason why I didn't get very far. They did make another game similar to this called Another World but I never played it. I think this game would make a great remake or even a film since the story seemed really good.

This was a great little adventure game. I always saw it as the Sega version of Zelda. I didn't complete it but I had great fun looking around for things and getting that bit further in it. Its a shame they never made any more games or started a franchise like Zelda becuase it was quite a popular game.

This game was great fun playing as Rick Taylor a hockey masked monster killer trying to rescue his girlfriend Jennifer. I loved gore and blood as a kid and playing this game was great becuase that's the main point of it splattering monsters across walls using certain weapons and objects. I read the characters were created from H.P. Lovecraft which was cool to know since he wrote so much great stuff in the horror genre. I'm sure the Splatterhouse series was influenced from the Friday the 13th films and they even remade the game recently but he looked a bit too big for my liking in it. They seem to exaggerate games a bit too much these days.

In my opinion one of the greatest games on the megadrive or later games they made. I loved the intro and story with the apocalyptic world. It seemed something from 2000ad comics. Bitmap bros also made Speedball deluxe as well which was another great game. The gameplay was cool and so was the music. I liked the different characters you played as choosing from seven hard nailed mercenaries ready to kick ass against this evil engine that was taking over the world. It seemed an intense epic story. This game defently needs to get remade with the graphics and storytelling now becuase I think it could be a hit on the PS3.

Sega Saturn games

The Sega Saturn days were great. I think it was the next console released after the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. I had allot of fun playing some of these games in the arcades and with friends. All the games below are my fav ones although I never manged to play Panzer dragon which looked really good. Its a real shame the Sega Saturn didn't last very long becuase I think it was last decent Sega console.

PS1 Games

I only played the multilayer on this game and it was really fun. I think the game was pretty good. They did release a newer game on the PS2 which I haven't played yet and I hope they make a new film soon even though I didn't mind the one they made it could have been better.

Out of all the rally games in the past like V-Rally which was good and other games this was my favorite. I really enjoyed this game and found the controls really good. You had Colin Mcrae in the background telling which corners were coming up next. There were some really fun tracks on the game like Australia with big jumps near the end. The replays at the end were really good and the details on the car was impressive as you smashed it up and got dirt on it. Its quite sad that Colin Mcrae died a few years ago now in an awful accident with his son. He'll always be remembered as one of the best rally drivers ever lived.

This was a fun little pirate game where you controlled your boat from a top view. I only played the demo but it seemed really fun and really tricky in places.

This was a fun shooter. It was quite good being able to control Bruce Willis and his comments he voiced through the games. It was quite a chaotic game as you blew the crap out of everything in sight. I dint complete this game but I did get fairly far.

I never played this game back in the day but it always interested me though. I knew this game was quite popular becuase they made a second one. I always liked his armour and why it looked a bit weird. I don't know what the story was but it looked like some futuristic world which he fought in similar to TRON.

This was really fun arcade racer. I never had this game but I played on it over my friends allot and on the arcade machine. There was Ridge Racer revolution which was a bit better I think adding more tracks and stuff.


Apart from Destruction Derby this was one of the meanest kick ass car game I've ever played. I remember playing the first game with my cousin and we had so much fun. The controls were easy and the characters were really cool. Twisted Metal world tour was really good as well which took the game to another level. After the second game they made a few more but I don't think they were very good. There was Twisted Metal Black on the PS2 which was quite popular but it would be great to see them make another game on the PS3 with the graphics now.