One day at a fleamarket, I came across a videotape of Clive Barker's 1990 movie "Nightbreed." I bought it for a buck and brought it home. I checked out the trailer for the film and I read about the film before I bought it. The movie has a good concept. It's a horror fantasy film.

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The Story:
The movie is about a guy named Boone who is mistakenly convicted of some murders. Boone thinks he really killed people and his psychiatrist (played by the awesome David Cronenberg) convices Boone that he is a killer. Boone doesn't want to get arrested and he decides to go to a cemterary called Midian. It is a place where monsters and people live. I don't know a lot about Midian so I can't say much. I'm not sure why people go there. Maybe people go to Midian so that they don't go to Hell. Maybe that's what Boone wants.

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He goes to Midian and becomes part of a group of demonic looking people called the Nightbreed. Later on in the film, police are looking for Boone and figure out he's at Midian. The police want to kill the people of Midian. It's up to the Nightbreed to fight back to save their land.

The movie's tagline is "This time, they're the good guys." meaning the Nightbreed are not the usual evil horror monsters but instead good guys.

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This is Peloquin. He's my favorite monster in the film. He's a jerk to Boone but still a good guy. He has a mean personality.

What I say about this movie:
This movie is acceptable. It's not great but it's still something. The movie delivers some cool monsters and you do get to see some action during the ending climax. The movie is good to check out if you want. This is a B or C horror flick.