hello eastervideoguy here to tell you about my favorite nintendo 64 games.I have been playing videogames since i was 2 years old and my favorite ones would be the nintendo ones since I love them I wanted to do an article on them well sit back and relax and enjoy!

5.Banjo Kazooie
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A lot of people I know say they hate this game.Why?Well I do know that is there opinion but they never gave me a good reason why well I will.It is fun that is the point of games right it can have the crappiest graphics (well maybe not crappiest) but have crappy graphics and still be good well the story is great,The characters are interesting, and graphics are pretty good too I also got banjo tooie but i just find this better.

4.super mario 64

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hey this is a great game I reccomend it to anyone alot of retro junkers do love this game and it indeed is one of the best mario games there is and ever will be.

3.majoras mask
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this is a good game in this game you go around from mountain to swamp to sea to cavern and find masks and go through dungeons the gameplay is very simmilar to that of ocarina of time which also is a good game

2.ocarina of time
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guess what?Its ocarina of time!yes this is even better than majoras mask and has a very good story to it but most of all it is fun which is all that matters right?

and now my most favorite n64 game is...


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yes siree my favorite n64 game in this game you fight using nintendo characters and above is the logo for the newest installment super smash bros brawl!

well this is my first article so no harsh comments thanks bye!