I think we all remember this drink, the colorful bottles, the halfway cleaver names given to the slightly creepy faces that were shaped into the bottle itself, but there was something more to this drink.

I recall my parents would rarely and i do mean RARELYwould buy me squeeze its at the grocery store, their case being there was too much sugar ofcourse. this fact was unmistakable just by looking at the drink but it made no difference to a nine year old kid.

twisting off the caps was always a great part of this beverage, there was a little bit of juice left in the cap that would be a good appetizer to the drink, which really only lasted about 2 and a half gulps, but what magical gulps they were.

we'll take this time now to take you through a pictorial history of the drink

By now i'm sure you've noticed this is just the same picture slightly edited but there is a good reason for that being its the only picture i can find on the internet.

Kool-Aide has since come out with a knock off version of squeeze it since they have been discontinued called kook-aide bursts, and they are a far cry from their predecessor. they've kept the size the same but the sips linger with the taste of splenda and dissapointment

if anyone else remembers these drinks feel free to comment