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So Halloween is right around the corner and I finally got around to seeing the Rob Zombie remake of "Halloween" and the remake of "Friday The 13th"

Halloween (remake): This movie had many mixed emotions some people liked it and some hated it while others like me thought it was just "OK" It had some cool things about it but i did have problems with it. I just felt that the entire first half didn't need to be there you know the whole Michael Myers as a kid. Personally i didn't like the actor who played Kid Myers i found him annoying. I really found the whole killing animals and how he killed another kid just disturbing which is what Rob Zombie was going for but i don't like watching a kid beg for his life while another beats him with a large stick as hilarious as that sounds. More than half the movie was Michael Myers childhood It took the mystery way from Myers i knew who was under the mask and why he killed and it made him look "human" and not an evil force. And i was wondering why did the mother kill herself only after Kid Michael killed the lunch lady and not when she arrived on Halloween night to find her whole family slaughtered by her son.
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Anyway when he put on the Mask as an adult you could see his eyes which made me feel like some messed up kid saw John Carpenter's Halloween and decided to put on the Michael Myers mask and kill people, it just didn't feel like Michael Myers.

What i did like about this movie was The second half it was pretty good after he got his mask he started acting more like Michael Myers. You got to see Michael Myer's grown up niece's boobs.( did any one else catch that, i thought it was pretty cool)But what really won me over was the pool scene THAT WAS GOOD SHIT it really felt like the original Michael Myers. It made want more Michael Myers. So just skip half the movie and it should be an OK flick.( I will go into more detail later)

Friday The 13th(remake): So... this movie......well there is not much to say......oh wait yah it was ASS very terrible movie!!! Not good just BAD. The story was ok nothing speacil or interesting. I had two big problems with this movie one the main actors they REALLY Looked like belong on the set of a Disney MOVIE not a Friday the 13th movie. Two it really didn't Feel like a Jason Voorhees Movie it felt like this movie could have been about any other Killer they just used Jason to bring more people to watch it. The two best parts were the first ten minutes that was good the people in the beginning should have been the main characters and second best part was the end and how they kill Jason which lasted 5 minutes so only 15 minutes of the whole movie was good to watch.
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It pisses me off that these movie aren't as good or even close to the originals it's a REMAKE make the original movie again with better production values and I'll be good.

Another thing that Pisses me off is why are do they make the "NEW" Michael Myerses and Jason Voorheese( i think that's correct) such PUSSIES. First Michael Myers doesn't want to kill his sister he wants to "spend time" with her and make photo albums. WHAT THE HELL MAN!!! Im not joking HE REALLY DOES.
Which brings me to another point about this remake When Myers capture his sister she stabs him in the neck which a human shouldn't be able to survive but anyway is he mad, does he still want to spend time with his sister they didn't explain at all. At the end she shoot Myers in the face, HOW IN THE LIVING HELL is there a second film coming out after they went through the trouble of making him "human" by showing you how his child hood was, don't know. I was surprised that they didn't show Michael's head pop out of his mom's vagina.
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Second The shit bomb that is Friday the 13th (remake)Nope he doesn't kill the teenage girl he takes her and thinks she's his mom. WTF have these movie's come too. If he did think it was his mom why was she hand cuffed is that how he treats his mom any way it made no sense what so ever correct me if im wrong i would love someone to try to put sense in that movie.

I mean what happen to the take no Prisoners attitude kill all spare none.

Another "tend" that i see is "running" which does make Jason look more badass, too bad his image was fucked by a quarter through the movie. OH NO MORE CONFUSION WITH ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN REMAKE!!

Okay here we (again) in the movie Michael Myers has his sister backed up in the second floor of the house against the balcony and She pulls out a gun and then Michael runs at her and they both drop to the ground. She then shoots him in the face as mentioned before. WELL ok so if he could run all this time he had plenty of chances to kill her which means he isn't trying to kill his sister, which means he isn't mad about her stabbing him in the neck Okay personally i would be mad if someone stabbed me in the neck but okay what ever.

So know now im guessing in the second film he will try to kill his sister because she shot him in the face cause maybe thats where he draws the line. Or not who knows but the second film should be better because well more michael myers. BUT AGAIN HOW IS THERE A SECOND FILM!!!
As for Friday the 13th they need to get the remake right before they make a sequel of the remake.


(reading up coming movies......"Nightmare On Elm St." Remake and "Child's Play" remake)oh crap here we go again :)