Since I can't write a decent review worth leprechaun turds,
I'll write about someone who can: James Rolfe.

F@#k load of sh@#!

I honestly can't praise this guy enough because when it comes to nostagia ,James definetly knows his stuff.He comes off as being comedic and intelligent at the same time.And he doesn't try to be,he's just naturally like that.

If you don't know the AVGN, I'll give you the basic history of him.He's the main character of his own internet show where he rants on low quality and poorly designed video games.
He's a real treat to listen to because of his short temper and foul language.It's really funny to watch a grown man scream at his t.v. like that.

Sometimes iconic quest appearances will arrive unexpectedley depending on what game is being reviewed and that always made the show memorable.
Here we have Jason Vorhees forcing the nerd to play his crappy Nes game.

Oh come on, that's cruel !

My favorite episode has to be batman.Check it out here :

But aside from all that,James is also known as the "Bull sh@# man".What the hell does that mean ? Well he does rants on certain things or events like why do pennies exist when there's no point to them? This was so popular,it was seen live on CNN.Here it is for you curious folk:

There's not too many of these vids though...:(

Also, he also dons the name "Board James'' where he reviews board games from the old days.He also introduces a character named ''Mother Fu@#ker Mike",
who cheats to win at board games in any possible way.

In addition to all this James is a huge fan of old horror cinema.In fact, he's currently making a horror movie review for each day in October called ''Cinemassacre's monster madness''.Not only does he do an amazing job reviewing them, he also sets the perfect mood for Halloween with incredible atmosphere of creepiness.

When it comes to retro, James knows his stuff.That's why I'm writing about him. I can't possibly give him the credit he deserves.If you're curious to see this wacky dude, then check him on

Feel free to leave a comment, I'm all ears.Thanks for reading.

(By the way, he has a life,is married, and doesn't live with his mom.)