I remember baseball in the 90s. Good times, Good times. We were like the sandlot or something. back then i only played one type of baseball. Wiffleball. We did not have these tin alloy based bats.http://www.retrojunk.com/img/art-images/baseball_baum_bat_drawing.jpgplayers. We had a plastic bat we bought for 12$ at the local drug store. Some of the people that played did not have gloves and we often had to share them around. For bases we grabbed my parents sandals. The number of players we got was always different. Some times we only had enough for 5 v 5 matches and other times we had to many The teams were usually random although they did have a tendency to end up boys v girls. The girls hated it because the only players with baseball experience were on the boys team.We always played in my front yard because we lived on a hill and i had the only flat front yard. Unfortunately there was a large tree there and once and a while someone would run into it. If someone was hurt or if we were too tired to continue on we would throw in the towel, go inside for a fresh glass of cherry kool aid and go in the basement to play video games and talk about the game. Later on when we started keeping score we started betting too. It started innocently enough a pack of gum here, lend a video game all thrown into a bowl we left in the kitchen.But soon money was thrown in. I think it was Jordan who copied a Simpson tree house of horror and put his soul into the pot. I remember this one game where there was all together twenty dollars
in the pot. My team won the game and when we went to split our earnings the money was gone. Needless to same finger pointing, name calling and a fight ensued until my dad broke it up and revealed that he took the money not knowing it had a purpose. He made up for it by bringing us all for ice cream where he made us swear we would never put money on the games again.

The other side to baseball was watching it. We did not need dvr or baseball on demand or this other crap. If a game was on we would watch it and tell everyone about the game.Sometimes after a game of wiffleball we would go watch a baseball game. If my parents were using the tv
we would bring the radio outside and listen to the game. we never had all of this scandal with steroids and performance enhancing drugshttp://www.retrojunk.com/img/art-images/steroidsinbaseball.jpg.