Hello everyone; it's Mcogfan with yet another Epcot article. I give you the next attraction.

This is an attraction that focuses mainly on transportation. The attraction itself is shaped into that of a modern shaped wheel. Another thing I can point out is that it's one of the best attractions with some of those future design patterns, being all mirror like and all, it's one of those attractions that capture the fictitious 21st century look.

As you make your way in, you see a good view of your ride vehicles as they ascend into the pavilion. That's what I was talking about meaning future design patterns. Our host, Gary Owens, serves as our narrator as we move inside. He explains to all of us about the history of how we moved from one place to another and the whole attraction takes on a comical like transparent.

We start with the dawn of man and how we moved by foot. We see a series of footprints illuminated on our right side, followed by two cave people who are trying to cool their aching, burning feet. I guess they got a bad case of athlete's foot there.

We now enter a new method, sailing, and how it's described as our first safe highway, followed by traveling on animals, we see a bunch of people travel on different types of animals at a toll road but another guy travels on a magic carpet. I guess that's one way to save a few bucks.

Now we enter what is possibly the Phoenician era and see a bunch of peasants trying to impress a king about the invention of the wheel. While a guard rejects the first three designs, the king is impressed with the round one.

We now go through each time period and see how the wheel has helped improve others in their method of transportation.

Now we come to age of discovering new worlds, we see a sailor looking through binocular, little does he know, he's right smack dab near a water dragon. I laughed hysterically when I saw this for the first time.

We reach the renaissance period and see Leonardo Da Vinci working on his flying contraption and it looks like Mona Lisa is impatient and wants to be painted right away.

It seems that now we go further ahead to discover hot air ballons to locomotive trains to steam powered machinery. As you can see, we have a guy in a hot air balloon, someone's carriage getting pushed back by a bull, and the part I found to be funny was when train robbers are robbing a locomotive.

Two other parts I found very hilarious is one where this guy riding his bike is being hassled by a dog. And the other is this who looks like Hulk Hogan goes into a hog pen.

As we continue on, we come across this part which is considered to be the first traffic jam in history.

Now, we see the invention of the airplane, a few good things I remember from this part.

We see an officer hiding behind a billboard watching speeders pass by, then a couple of ladies get their picture taken with a pilot while a family observes.

Now, we see automobiles from the 50s and see electronic billboards in the background for each of them how they help improve lives.

Now, we come to my favorite part of the ride yet. We enter three speed rooms and it makes you feel like your going at a more faster rate because I was forced to lean back when I saw this. One of the rooms is where they used computer graphics from the movie, Tron.

Now, we come to the greatest and wonderful pieces of futuristic architecture I have ever seen. This is one of the most spectacular future cities that you have ever saw. I just wish they make something like this somewhere else.

We now conclude with seeing ourselves in a futuristic machine, I always wondered how they did that.

After the ride, we enter a place called transcenter where we see the future of possible transportation ideas.

One thing I remember was this show called Bird and the robot, where bird introduces us to his robot assistant, Tiger who teaches us how cars are made, of course, Tiger is ticking off bird most of the time. My parents kinda gave me the nickname after seeing this show.

Another show is where a group of different characters try to display different types of engines of the future and how and what they will run on, didn't care really much for this show being that I was real young around this time.

The attraction closed down in 1996, to make room for Test track, I may do my next article on that if you all would like me too.

Anyway, take care and so long.