I wanna take you guys back to when I was four years old.I went to this insane theme park called Action Park.

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There's Nothing in the World Like Action Park!

That's because it suffered from a disturbing saftey record
resulting in several injuries and approximately 6 people lost their lives while attending the park.

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It makes Witchy World look safe.

Well anyway,Action Park opened in 1978 to 1997.It featured some unique attractions for the victi.... er,
I mean the people visiting the park.

First, there was the Apline Slide.

Basically, it's just a large slide made of concrete
where the rider is supposed to slide down at blinding speed usually resulting in nasty abrasions.Riders were actually required to wear helmets and knee pads.It made matters worse because this was part of a water park.Most people there wore bathing suits. I've heard personally from people that they shattered a rib on that slide.
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Oooh that's nasty, man.

Secondly there was a 'Skateboard park' which existed very
briefly.It was closed due to poor design.The bowls were seperated by concrete that didn't quite meet edges properly.

Most of these accidents were covered up before the press
could acknowledge them.

Lastly, there exists this odd sport known as grass skiing.
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Looks like fun.DON'T IT ?
Nothing much to say about this one.

Anyone who rides all the attractions and survies is entitled to recieve one of these:


Now,lets move onto 'Motor World':

1)Super go-karts-These karts were originally supposed to go at 50 mph.By craming a tennis ball into the engine,
allowed karts to go no faster than 20 mph.Riders were often overcome by gasoline fumes.

2)Bumper boats-my personal favorite.
It's basically bumper karts on water.The boats sometimes leaked oil on the passengers.

3)Super speed boats-Just like go karts on water.
It takes place around a small pond rumored to be home to snakes.Unlike land vehicles, the engines couldn't be tampered with and went up to speeds of 40 mph.
Idiots used these boats to playfully bump into each other
causing one person to be rescued by a lifegaurd.

4)Tank ride-Pretty popular in motor world.
For a fee people can control small motorized tanks
that fires tennis balls.Often, the tanks would get stuck
against the fence, forcing the ride attendents inside the tank arena.They often got pelted with tennis balls.

Another attraction is called 'Space shot'.
Surprisingly its quite safe.Its just a tower drop ride.

I think there was also this Tital wave area where several people had met their demise.Pools were usually overcrowded and had several lifeguards on duty.
There is also this water loop slide.People were paid to test it out.
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Despite Action parks appaling saftey record it had crowds of people coming in everyday.
I really miss that place. I'm sure that one day It will be reopened.
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