I recently found an ad online for Rob Zombie's Halloween II that is supposed to debut on August 28th. I know that many people have mixed opinions on his movies, especially since he started puting his own twist on the already awesome Halloween series. But, as I watched this ad my face lit up with excitement. It reminded me of the fact that the Halloween season was approaching us.

Halloween has always been a favorite time of the year for me. Many of my family members and friends think that I'm some sort of freak to enjoy a pagan holiday this much, but it has nothing to do with a religion for me. It happens to be a time of the year that reminds me of some of the happiest times that I had as a kid. I remember several times of how much fun I had getting dressed up as different things, whether it be a ghost, a pirate, or Dracula (like 6 years straight). Either way, I had a blast doing it.

What would happen is my cousins and I would all meet up at my grandmother's house in the early evening and wait until Trick or Treating started. Just as a visual for you readers, my grandmother's whole neighborhood consisted of all ranch houses that were constructed in the early 1950s and filled with all of the same original owners. And, most kids would agree with me that old people give out the best candy. Anywho, all of us kids woul have our own favorites and my grandmother always made sure she had them there for us. She was always sure to save my precious "Dots" for me.

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As we would wander the streets that my mother grew up on, I always found it interesting that everyone knew who I was. All of the elderly people that watched my Mom grow up all knew me as well. It was probably some of the safest trick or treating a parent could ask for, because no matter where you were on the street, you knew that there was a friend nearby. I remember one time in particular where there was a lady dressed up as a witch asleep on the porch. Supposedly she had way too much to drink and left the bowl of candy at her feet. I do have to say that it put us all on edge sneaking by her to get some candy. My fiancee' now reminds me of how much I tell her that story. After all of these years, that story still makes me laugh.

Halloween nights were the best, but the days weren't so bad either. My school was awesome. For one, they would let the kids have a half day on Halloween, AND...let us have a party and a parade in which we would be dressed up and walk around the neighborhood to show everyone how awesome our costumes were. I remember that they would give us about a hour or so to get home and get dressed up for the parade and the party. I would go home to my mother, who would help dress me up and give me a bite to eat. During this time, I would also get to watch a peak of one of the "Halloween" movies that was being shown on television. At a young age, I had a fascination with John Carpenter's masterpiece that would later lead up to that movie being one of my favorites of all time. It still interests me in thinking that a movie about a psychotic killer could bring back fond memories of my mother and I spending time together.

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All in all, I could go so much farther in depth, but there is so so much to say still about a holiday that I love so much. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.