As promised in the last installment, here is the third and perhaps final installment of the Stuffed Animals series. If you remember in Stuffed Animals: Vol II, I talked about stuffed animals that were given to me as presents. In this article I will be talking about stuffed animals I bought as a present for someone else and they now belong to me again. That person was my grandmother.

This bear right here is the first stuffed animal I remember giving to her. I made it a Build-A-Bear Workshop. As you can see he looks very outdoorsy. That's because I enjoy the great outdoors and I figured I would make a bear that resembled that. I named him Fred. I thought Fred was very cool espeically when we got a phone call from my grandma learned that the sleeping bag on his backpack opens up.

The second stuffed animal I remember giving my grandmother is this Goofy doll that I got at the Disney Store in New York City. As you can see he is driving a taxi. I thought she would like this and Ithought it was funny

The next stuffed animal I remember giving her is this figaro doll. I got this for her because she loves cats and we were at Disney World at the time and I thought she would like this since she loved cats.

This brings to this article to an end and it closes out the series. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the articles.