1996. I was five and I saw one of the best films of my childhood. It was a live action/animated film called "Space Jam."

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Before I get started on talking about my experience seeing the movie as a kid, I'll tell you what the movie is about.

The Story:
There are some aliens from another planet who come to the animated world of the Looney Tunes characters to enslave them and bring them back to their planet as attractions for their amusement park. The Looney Tunes make a deal with the aliens by challenging them to a game of basketball. If the Looney Tunes win, they get to stay on their planet and not be slaves. If the aliens win, they get to enslave the Looney Tunes. The Looney Tunes think they have a chance at winning until the aliens become tall and strong monsters or "Monstars" as they are called. The Looney Tunes decide to get Micheal Jordan from the real world and bring him to their Looney Tune world so they can try to win. So Micheal Jordan agrees to help the Looney Tunes and play with them in basketball game against the evil Monstars.

As random as the movie's plot seems, it's not a bad movie. As a kid I didn't think it was ridiculous, I loved it! I still do today.

What pulled me in to seeing this movie was the fact that it had the Looney Tunes characters combined with live action. I think that's what pulled me in. At the time, I was watching old Warner Brothers cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. I knew who the characters were.

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The movie introduced me to a famous guy I never heard of at the time. It was basketball all-star Michael Jordan. He was the main star of the film next to the Looney Tunes characters. I remember having official Space Jam action figures of MJ.

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One night when I was eating dinner, one of my family members told me after dinner I was going to be taken to see Space Jam at the movies.

That night, I finally got the chance to see it. I went to the theatre. While walking into the theatre before the movie began, I saw the awesome movie poster featuring MJ and Bugs Bunny.

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I finally saw the movie. It was great. I don't remember much the night I saw it. I do remember during the end credits, I ran up to the big movie screen to talk to the big picture of Bugs Bunny... I was five!

I almost forgot to mention that the music soundtrack to Space Jam is great! It features catchy and beautiful R&B songs such as R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly", All4One's "I Turn to You", and Monica's "For You I Will."

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If you like the Looney Tunes characters and you haven't seen Space Jam, I recommend it.

This is Horrorfandude saying good bye and a have very scary day.