I'm a big horror movie fan. I'm a new guy here to the Retro Junk site. I do reviews on old horror movies. I am... THE HORROR FAN DUDE!

My first review is on a horror film you might know about. It's called... SHOCKER!

This is a 1989 slasher horror flick from Wes Craven who directed "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET." I checked out a trailer for this movie and I bought it.

Sorry if my illistrations aren't great. I was using a paint program on my computer.

The movie is about a serial killer named Horace Pinker (Played by Mitch Pileggi) who goes after a college athlete. The athlete has him arrested and Pinker is sentenced to be put in the electric chair. With the help of some demon magic, Pinker lives through the execution and he escapes. Not only did the magic grant him the power to live, but now Pinker is a ghost man with electric powers. He can possess people and travel through television and electric outlets. He will try to go after the athlete again.

The Review:
This movie isn't a classic but it certainly is worth checking out. It is an 80s supernatural slasher film that has blood and other good stuff. The movie at some points doesn't make any sense. There's some plot holes.

The villain Horace Pinker should've became a slasher icon. He could've been up there with other great slashers like Freddy, Jason and Micheal. Oh well...

The movie has a excellent soundtrack. You get awesome 80s heavy metal rock songs from bands like Dangerous Toys, The Dudes of Wrath, Bonfire, and Mega Deth. The soundtrack rocks.

Pick up Shocker and check it out. B+

I'm THE HORROR FAN DUDE. Have a nice summer day!