Dead or alive Your coming with me!

When I was a kid I always wanted to see these two cyborgs go against each other. Both films were a great success, mainly the Terminator with action king himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator was a darker than Robocop it was more serious where as Robocop had more of a lighter feel to it, with some funny gags but both movies were great.With all the films that have been made onto to the big screen like fred vs jason and predator vs alien this is yet to made, I know it would be asking a great deal for it to be made but I think it would be amazing.

I wanted to use the original idea of the computer game on the sega. I think its a good enough idea to start with and make any changes to it if necessary.In the near future the worlds of Robocop and The Terminator merge into a single reality.You must save mankind by destroying the skynet super computer in the possible future in which machines rule the earth and skynet is supreme.

Cyberdyne systems recently won the contract to develop the Skynet defence systems for the strategic air command (SAC- NORAD). The scientists decided the best way to develop the super computer was to model it after Robocops neural networks. Robocop is the only successful link of human mind and computer. This is how Robocop detected to protect the innocent, inadvertently became their implement to mankind's genocide.
In the near future, becomes self aware, determines man is the enemy and launches wave after wave of ruthless machines against the remnants of mankind. The rebels know of Robocop's part in skynets development and send one of their own ,Flo into the past to destroy the metallic guardian. Skynet also realises the importance of Robocop to itsexstence and sends squads of humanoid terminators to the Detroit of the past to eliminate Flo and ensure Robocops integration into the omnicomsumer Products (OSP) computer.
Robocop has his own agenda. He plans to uplink himself into OCP's and regenerate himself into the future. There he can destroy skynet and whts left of humanity. Robocop must make his way through the streets of Detroit, the beginnings of delta city and the OCP office complex before can transport himself into the future. Once there, Skynet realises his plan and sets up deadly obstacles to prevent his success. Only through accuracy, careful planning and powerful weaponry does Ropcop pass through the termini outpost, underground areas and the skynet complex to reach the skynet cpu core. only one machine will survey the climatic confrontation!

You get to see Arnolds character in the present once at the end of the 1st level, its pretty cool the more you shoot him the more the endo skeleton is revealed.When your in the future I cant remember if you see the Termintor again but loads of endo skeletons.

One of the great things about this game was the fact that it didn't just think up random robots it stuck true to the films by allowing you to fight the classic robots.

Robocop must reach Skynet by blasting his way through the future of 2029 wastelands in broken down buildings and nether ending Terminators the game becomes a more harder the nearer you reach Sky ,infact it became impossible so I used an invincibility cheat.
Skynet its self in the game is a big endo Skelton head I think the reason for this is the fact that it was only a 32-bit and sega didn't have the technology to design an impressive complex like in T2-3D which is more realistic.

In 1992 Dark Horse published Robocop Vs Termintor created by Frank Miller and Walter Simonson. I remember back when I was at school in my library they had some dark horse comics but they only had alien vs predator books not these ones unfortunately.

I think for any type of film to be made of Robocop vs Terminator, would be to get Peter Weller back to play Robocop I think he is the main ingredient, he played Robocop so amazing like Arine did with the Terminator. I don't think that its vital for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be in it but it would be really cool. Both actors are a older now so it could be a harder to make alive version but if they could make a cgi film like Final fantasy Spirits Within that would really good but I hope they do something to update this wicked battle because it would be real shame.