Conker's Bad fur Day - A graphically impressive(for it's time) platformer about a foul mouthed perverted squirrel with a drinking problem, and one of few great M rated titles for the Nintendo 64. This game has a huge cult following, and is known for it's offensive language, and violence. Compared to some of today's games, it isn't really ground breaking or offensive, but at the time of it's released, the F word in a game, censored or not, was almost unheard of. The game was so controversial at the time, Nintendo refused to give the game more that one advertisement in Nintendo power.

Conker's was loaded with parodies of such movies as The Matrix, and Saving Private Ryan just to name a couple. The plot revolved around the Panther King, who has discovered his table is missing a leg, which is causing his milk glass to topple over. Unable to come up with a solution, he gets his best scientist on the job immediately!(I'm not making this crap up, i promise.) After many, many experiments the scientist finally comes to the realization that a red squirrel would fit PERFECTLY under the table, thus providing the needed support. The King then sends out two of his soldiers to capture Conker. Also, the scientist is tired of being harassed by the Panther King, and is working on a secret project, the evil Tediz, which are evil stuffed teddy bears. Meanwhile, Conker gets lost on his way home while he is drunk, and simply just wants to go home, have a beer and go to bed.

The game had such areas as a horror themed area, where you shoot off zombie squirrel's heads with a shotgun, and a Matrix themed level where you use bullet time effects to get yourself and Berri, conker's girlfriend into a bank.

A scene from the level parodying "The Matrix"

The game had some pretty crazy boss battles, including one with a giant pile of crap named The Great Mighty Poo, who sings a song that you just cannot forget, no matter how hard you try.

"I am The Great Mighty Poo, and I'm going to throw my $#!@ at you!"

Conker's Bad Fur Day also spawned a remake on the Microsoft Xbox, complete a new multiplayer campaign with the theme of the War level from the main game titled Conker: Live and Reloaded. The remake was, however, even more censored than the original version, and some fans were disappointed by that. most, however, agree that the new multiplayer more than made up for it.

One of Rares last games for Nintendo, the game has more audio files than any other Nintendo 64 Game, and most would agree that it has the best graphics on the system is well. This cartridge is absolutely loaded with data, and it shows. If you haven't already tried this hilarious game, you owe it to yourself to play through it at least one time.