By Julia White
a 90s NICKSTALGIA article!

Once upon a time in the 90s...lets start in 1994 for grandmother and I watched endless marathons of SNICK and NICK and NICK AT NITE together. I had a huge addiction and obsession to those amazing shows in awesome lineups each evening and night. I had each line of each episode of each season memorized and alone I watched for hours in total happiness because this has to be the best time in Nickelodeon history. This channel had everything and was a huge influence on me. I think I was practicaly raised by it. Before I was chastised for adoring it in 2001, my head was innocent, carefree and happy. I never had a problem at school cause everyone loved me for knowing so much about my favorite channel. They all came to me for updates and missed episodes. I created my own versions of double dare at home which got me into alot of trouble lol. I would make whipped cream pies into paper plates and throw them into everyones faces at home which got me screamed at, lol. I also would buy and make slime and gak and take it to class and slime the teachers and they would not think it was soo funny. I would get detention, lol. I also participated in the BIG HELP, in which I picked up garbage and trash like soda cans and placed them into a large black bag to clean up the park. I copied and was influence by Alex Macks style and since I was born in the gunge era this also was a huge influence on my style even today. I have a very unique and cool style that makes me very approchable to many people who take comfort knowing Im not a snob. I worked on many projects about Snick...and bought all the toys to keep in my room. I always adored the magazine back in the good old days when it was worth reading. It had posters and fun creative articles to drool over. It was like the coolest magazine ever. I always got mine at the supermarket at check out beause a subscription was out of the questions according to my PBS loving boring and angry mother. She hated Nick and dispised the fact that my grandmother would let me watch it all the time when she had me over. We laughed together at the hilarious shows that made us both happy and gave me a lifetime of memories of the best days of my life. I wish children nowdays knew what they missed. They have no clue but its up to people like me to wake them up. email me at [email protected] to share more SNICK happiness. And to make a new friend! Signing off is the Nickstalgic dreamer...Julia