Hey Echidna64 wassuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup? Okay today I wanted to try getting into the What-If bandwagon other of you writer's have joined.

After many many days of playing Pokemon Platinum, I've been going on the internet a lot. And during that time I've been using this awesome Wiki that provides all the convenient information I needed to know, as well as a few other fully-detailed articles available in the awesome site.

Then I read about a few things about the anime and the games that appeared to have had an influence on themselves and each other. So I thought, hey you guys probably know nothing about this stuff so I think I'll share and broaden your horizons a bit.

So here it is:

What If the Pokemon Anime WASN'T Popular?

-The show would be over already-

You watched the Simpsons, right? No? You suck. After it's first half-hour episode, departing from the short few seconds on the Tracey Ullman Show, the yellow-skinned American family grew in popularity and they were EVERYWHERE. It became a phenomenon. Now with more than 12 Seasons and a Movie later to this day, it's now a cartoon series we wish ended years ago. They began to lose their touch and recycled storylines for to this very day since...Season...uh...well I'll just say when Maude Flanders was killed off. Yeah, she was killed, that's why you don't see her no mo. This is the same case with Pokemon. Because it brings in the bread

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they'll keep making more and more episodes. It is also what keeps the pokemon game series running, and getting better every year. X-Play actually gave 4 stars to DP. Wow. And that's why there are more spin-offs.

- A few people would still be with us-

Thanks to the Pokemon Phenomenon and impressionable children, there have been news reports of a child jumping off a building to make use of her Pokeymon powers, and a stabbing incident over a TCG collection. Without the popularity, the first movie may not have been brought to all theaters and there probably wouldn't be any merch like BK's Kids meal balls

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Two infants choked on these. Sad. This prompted BK to issue warnings on the toys.

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Poor victims of a fad that may never have ended. Then again if Pokemon wouldn't kill 'em, something else would but no one can really prove that. Or can they?

-Brock would never have been replaced by Tracy-

According to Bulbapedia, the inspiration for this article, they guys at the anime department noticed that the show was a hit here. And with all that controversy goin' on, they decided to avoid more of that crap and replaced Brock with Tracey. WHY?! So know one would think he's a racist stereotype because of his eyes (even though there wasn't an actual complaint yet). So they created a "tall, anglo-saxon looking person to be on the safe side". They later replaced Tracey with Brock again once they realized that no one really cared as to what Brock looks like, and actually enjoyed his character.

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However, this was only stated by Hidaka and not by any other staff member.

I'm guessing that their awareness of its popularity may have influenced the entire series as well.

-The games would just be games...or no more-

The Pokemon game series would still go on as it would be more popular. But they wouldn't have the same features that we see today. It'd probably be much different and even [email protected][email protected]

-4Kids would retain what it didn't-

If Pokemon wasn't so popular...in America, it would've been (completely) overshadowed by...the Animaniacs...uh...those other shows which would cause the company to take some drastic measures. Cartoons that time were edgy. Edgy enough to even make the slightest adult joke if they could think about it. That means the anime would have no edits in content (unless it was a sign in Japanese text).
And when unsuccessful, they'd drop it completely and Yu-Gi-Oh would be their cash cow.

But what would have been kept?

You'd see Misty slap Ash in the face in Episode one

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-Jynx would still be black-

Jynx, the ICE/PSYCHIC Pokemon. I guess if you've been around the block, you probably would have noticed its controversial features. The black face, the pouty lips, the blonde hair, the wide eyes. For many years, those were the features that have caricatured Africans since their unfortunate enslavement from waaay back. But good ol' Honest Abe took care of all that.

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When Pokemon became more popular here, it caught the attention of children's book author "Carole Boston Weatherford" and pointed the aforementioned Pokemon's features and wrote an article of its offensive nature in a magazine. This prompted not just the anime, but also Nintendo, to change the character's appearance by changing its face color to purple.

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But during that time, Nintendo made a valid defense that Jynx's design was based off Japan's Ganguro girl fad where girls would tan or wear tan makeup and white lipstick, which at the time was also popular. But still, no one cared. And they knew it would just get worse and worse if it stayed.

-Three episodes would not have been banned-

Legend of Dratini
Cuz of guns n' stuff.

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Not a great reason, but it wasn't Ren and Stimpy, the Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry as people in this show actually die. In fact, Ash drowns in this episode.

The Ice Cave

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This was banned cuz of the whole incident with Jynx mentioned earlier. It started with Holiday Hi-Jynx (which isn't banned) then it caught attention with some viewers. Later on, Nintendo and the show's producers made the change to avoid further controversy.

Holiday at Aopulco
Like ilikethepixies, it was actually unbanned once, then banned again. When it aired, it was titled "Beauty at the Beach", and with all the good stuff taken out of course. and never aired again. Here's why:

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James is hot. There I said it. By the way, there were a lot of cartoons where people actually put on fake boobs. The most recent...close...would be one episode of Captain Planet, where Hoggish Greedly's lackey wore an inflateable bikini in the same fashion. Seriously.

As for the other eps that were banned, they were just due to uh "broadcasting problems" and an earthquake that happened in the country.

And last but not least...If the anime wasn't popular...

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This wouldn't be Time Magazine's coolest cover ever to the guy who doesn't even read Time Magazine. That's not a fact but yknow i just wanted to say that yknow...I MEAN LOOK AT IT! HOW MANY ANIMATED CHARACTERS HAVE EVER BEEN CRAMMED INTO THE COVER OF TIME FREAKIN MAGAZINE?! I DONT KNOW?! DO YOU?! WHAT?! Oh okay then.

The article inside wasn't too bad neither, as it even pointed out the Generation II Johto starters and expanded the anime topic a little further.

Well folks that was my article. I hope you had fun reading it as much as I enjoyed wri..........oh hello velcrohead...

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