This is about my childhood growing up in Kent New York my days were usually spent in school I went to Matthew Patterson or I would hang out at home with my neighborhood friend Jimmy the kid as we called him. We would play Super Nintendo or do something outside I remember one time he buried a box of Goosebump books in a plastic treasure chest what fun we had. I would also sometimes get to go to my Uncle Gary's shop he had in Poughkeepsie New York called G-G Auto which stood for Gary-Gary his son who was murdered sadly they never caught the person who killed him. I remember getting there to the shop and once we arrived a guy named Mark would greet us by making faces we laughed me and my brother we would get out and go inside were my uncle was he is my dad's brother that is how he is my uncle. Once inside he said hi we did to he said wait here he went upstairs and came back with a bag of doritos and we ate them I guess this explains my love of doritos. He also kept sparklers fireworks inside his desk drawer I also guess this explains where my love of fireworks came from. We were always going somewhere as I can recall my dad stopped and got coffee in Poughkeepsie the shop is probably closed now sadly. We went home and ate dinner usually sat in dining room as the house we used to live in was a kitchen dining room deal I can also recall going camping with my folks ever since I was little we had a Coachmen Camper it finally bit the dust I asked my uncle my dad's brother he said it was the motor when we moved we left it with him. As well as a buick he gave us when my sister took my mom's Toyota Tercel 1985 to college it also is in junkyard now rotted in half at least it made it to Illinois. We went and visited New York where I used to live it has changed a lot makes me so mad even Poughkeepsie as Thomas Wolf says you cannot go home again my mom told me about the story he describes a changing America. One other thing has bugged me here in the Midwest you cannot buy Wise potato chips they are only sold on the East Coast I ordered some off the web site.

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