Hello my fellow Retro Junkies! Are you ready to rock!? These are my favorite retro horror movies. These are in no particular order in regards to favoritism.

NUMBER 11: article image

This movie was great. From it's parody of Consumerism, to its gore factor. Hiding in a mall is one of the best ideas for a zombie attack, since you can get everything you need there.

Number 10: article image

"We'll tear yor soul apart!" Oh, how I freakin' love this movie. So much complete wrongness about Frank and Julia's affair, killing people to put meat on Frank's bones(literally). So much freakiness in regards to the Cenobites' appearance.

Number 9: article image

How nasty can Lucio Fulci get? Beyond, as in The Beyond! This movie has it all: Haunted hotel? Check. Gore? Check. A gateway to Hell? Check. Zombies? Big check. Fulci Lives!!!

Number 8: article image

"Heeere's Johnny!!!" This is one of the few Horror movies that still scares me to this day. He have a haunted hotel, again. We also have a little boy who has a "gift" of seeing dead people. Before The Sixth Sense, The was The Shining. The book is even better.

Number 7-6: These next movies are going to be added as a double feature, since they are part of a series and I like them both equally.

article imagearticle image

These are my two favorite Nightmare on Elm Street movies. The first one? Well, because it sets up the story, and is a creepy as Hell. Part 3? It uses the first one as it's main reference. It also is the last Nightmare to use Freddy Krueger as a villain, rather than as a marketing campaign.

Number 5: article image

Now I know what you're thinking. Why put the least popular "Dead" title on your list? I say why ask why? The movie had a claustrophobic atmosphere where you didn't know what going to happen, but you knew that it's going to get really bad, and really messy. Tom Savini's make up work was some of the best in the business.

Which leads me to:

Number 4: article image

Ahh, yes. The ever continuing Friday the 13th franchise. How many of them do we need, really? This one is my favorite because of two things. Corey Feldman and Tom Savini. Corey did a good job as Tommy Jarvis, the boy who killed Jason. Tom Savini did a great job with the make up effects. Just take a look at Ol' Hockey Head for yourself...

article image
That's a face only a Psychopathic mother could love!

Number 3: article image

Do ya wanna partyyyy!? It's party time! This movie kicks so much booty. You take a medical surplus warehouse, add toxic zombie juice, a graveyard full of potential victims, Linnea Quigley almost butt naked, and...Mama mia! You got-a yourself a fun zombie movie! Pardon my Itallian stereotyping.

Number 2: article image

Notice a pattern here? Anyway, Evil Dead is here because of the sheer claustophobic terror of it all. Bruce Campbell plays Ash, the unluckiest schmuck in the world. He had to cut his girlfriend's head off, get chased through the woods by an unseen evil, kill the demons, and still get it in the end. Screw Spiderman, this is the movie I want to remember Sam Raimi for.

All righty then! We made it to the final movie on my list. Get ready for a big surprise. That was sarcasm, by the way.

Number 1: article image

Why do you think that my avatar matches Number one? This is a awesome film adaption of an uninspired H.P. Lovecraft story. The scene at the end with Barbara Crampton's character straped to the table? Creepy. I guess even the undead need to hit it, too.

Well, that's it. Thank you for reading my first article. I hope I'm not too busy to do another. I guess we'll just see. Goodbye.

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