I'm a HUGE fan of the Friday Franchise, and I enjoy the Nightmare movies as well, but I don't get Freddy vs Jason, when the hell did Zombies start having nightmares? That movie was completely ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I loved watching it the day it came out, just because I had been waiting for this movie for too long. But I just don't see how you can sedate a zombie and then give him fears. In Friday part 2, you could pull that off, but not that late in the series, Jason is obviously a zombie and the only way those two could battle is if you pull Freddy out of ur nightmare and set the two loose on each other, in which Freddy would get the snot knocked out of him cause he only has power in the dreamworld. Yeah thats what happened in the film, just saying, the whole Freddy invading Jasons dreams is simply idiotic. I know its a little late to start complaining about this. But I just read an old post on here from a friday fan and read a long list of people who thought Freddy would win "because you can't kill Freddy cause he's already dead". Are you serious?? Its pretty stupid that I'm sittin on here takin the time to write this post but I got nothin better to do right now and I like discussing stuff like this, cause like I said, I'm a Jason fan. I also believe Ronny Yu should NEVER have anything to do with horror movies. That was just WAY too cartoony for a film like that. You take the people who created Friday Part 7: The New Blood and the people who made Nightmare Part 3: Dream Warriors....you got one hell of a Freddy vs Jason flick. Hell, I'm a Childs Play fan too, Chucky was always pretty kick ass to me, but as soon as Ronnie Yu gets involved, its no longer a horror movie, its a lame ass cartoon. These kinds of rants are not necessary, cause it doesn't change anything, but oh well, sometimes it makes a guy feel a little better. Bottom line, Jason would mutilate Freddy over and over again hands down, I say over and over again because you can't kill Freddy, its obvious, but I don't believe Freddy could kill Jason either. Freddy would just keep coming back and Jason would just keep dishing out the beatings!! Ronny Yu......YOU SUCK!!

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