5. Mario Golf

I honestly think this game is not the best of all the Mario games but it is entertaining.

4. Banjo Kazooie

I was so young when i played this game I barely remember it. All I remember is giant vegetables that you had to kill to get honeycombs. Anyway, this is the definition of great games.

3. Pokemon Snap

I freakin' love this game!!! It's so cute. I love it in the cave when Jigglypuff is singing if you throw an apple at her she gets pissed off. I need to play it again.

2. Mario Party 2

This one is waaayyy better than the first one. The graphics are better, the mini-games are a lot more fun, and the game boards are great!!! Thumbs up

1. Kirby: Crystal Shards

OMFG!!!!! This game has to be the greatest of all time. I'm sure alot of people will disagree with me but idc. I can't even talk about it I love it so much. My favorite character is Waddle Dee. The best ever

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