You would think that a film dedicated to the Goomba stompin' Mario Bros would easily be considered the greatest concept EVAR. But naturally,Hollywood has
its own unique way of crushing our childhood by making
a movie about the Mario bros as quick as humanly possible.
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The film begins in a poorly made cartoon about the stoneage and how people didn't exist back then.
Just the memory of this makes hardcore Mario fans cringe:

Then,out of nowhere, a metorite strikes the Earth.
GOODBYE DINOSUARS.But what if the dinosuars were'nt all
destroyed? What if the impact of that metorite created a parrelle unverse where dinosuars thrive and continued to evolve into intelligent,agressive beings?!
And hey,what if they found a way back?

Oh yeah just like in the game.(I can't believe it took three
writers to come up with this.)

The movie was so awful that even the creator of Mario himself(Mr.Miyamoto)regrets the films creation)

The story is about Mario and Luigi, two Italian American plumber brothers living in Brooklyn, New York who are being driven out of business by the mafia-like Scapelli Construction Company. Mario is the elder of the two, being close to the late 40s, and Luigi is about in his early-mid 20s. Luigi falls in love with an orphaned NYU student, Daisy, who is digging under the Brooklyn Bridge for dinosaur bones. After a date, she takes Luigi to the dig and witnesses Scapelli's men (who, along with Scapelli himself, had previously threatened her to end her research on that specific piece of land for their own interests) sabotage it by leaving the water-pipes open. Luigi tries to stop it but he does not have his tools on him so he can not fix it. They rush back to his apartment where they inform Mario about the incident. The three go back to the flooding and the Mario Bros. manage to fix it but are knocked out by two strange characters, Iggy and Spike. The two crooks kidnap Daisy.

I think the movie budget was low because when they kidnap Daisy, they through her into a Taxi titled "Wiggler".I just don't get it,are they trying to piss us off ?

Another thing: why is Daisy in this movie and not Peach?
Princess Peach is in every single Mario game except Super Mario Land 1.

Nobody in the movie protrays there character correctly:

(Dennis Hopper)
He is supposed to be a giant Koopa not a T-REX as he claims he once was.He is also germophobic.(I just don't get it)

GOOMBA (This one is disturbing)What happened here?

DAISY (Samantha Manthis)

In the movie,she is an archaeologist.Why? I still don't know.

If not for the movies title,I would never have quessed that this is Mario bros.Bob Hoskins does a miserable job
at attempting to be Mario.Its like they gave him a mustache and that's it.

And, for one final kick in the face,Mario and Luigi aren't even brothers they are father and son!
But isn't the tittle of the movie Super Mario BROS?
The movie sucks and ends in a cliffhanger but, thank God there isn't a second movie.

If you want to watch this film then I dare you but be warned,you won't like it.

(NOTE:this is just my opinion,people)

Please comment If you seen this movie before.