Merlin came out in the late 70's and it was such a popular game! I wanted one but folks could not afford to get one, it was the 70's tough times! I would help this old woman with her trash and she would give me a buck, not bad, her daughter came and stayed with her, with the kids. One of them had a Merlin and left it behind, I think they lived in Rhode island, well, before throwing the trash that week she asked me if I wanted it!!!!! It was so AWESOME! It was my first electronic game.To those of you who know this game, it was simple, when you first looked at it; However it was the most complex piece of technology I had ever had. It had 4 buttons on the bottom and well check the picture out! You could play about 5 or 6 games,
1) Tic Tac Toe
2) Simon like game (repeating the tones)
3) Black Jack (never really understood it)
4) Mindbender (code breaking game)
5) Magic Square I think
6) Music player (basic tones)

Well I had no instructions, but it was intuitive (except Black Jack), I spent hours with that thing, it was addictive, my other friends had Electronic Football a fun game in itself but it wasn't like the Merlin. You could play with another person or by yourself, the music make (synthesizer) was cool it gave me the curiosity to check other synthesizers, but I think the best part of this was that I truly wanted this toy, and it was extremely rewarding when I got it. The kid that left it behind go another the upgraded blue model! But nothing beats your first!

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