My Favorite Pixar Character Is The Queen From Disney's 1998's A Bug's Life Voiced By Phyllis Diller. She Was Great When I First Seen A Bug's Life In Theaters 11 Years Ago. Phyllis Diller Is A Comedian Who Starred In The Nutcracker Prince(1990) As The Mousequeen And She Rockz! She Fell In Love With Kevin Spacey Who Voiced Hopper The Grasshopper In The Movie. Come On. She's An Old Actor And Kevin's An Adult. Why Would She Fall In Love If She's An Old Adult? She Already Married Someone.

The Ant Queen Is The Best Disney Pixar Character And We'll Always Watch A Bug's Life No Matter What. One More Thing. I Like The Part Where The Queen Saids "It's Not A Lot, But It's Our Life." She's So Funny. She's The Greatest Pixar Character Ever.