when i was a kd i loved ninja turtles toys,toy story figures,star wars,and ghostbusters.and some of theese are among my favorite toys ever. and today i'm bringing you a list of my favorite toys.

[5. bug eye from real ghostbusters] this guy was so fun to shoot his eye at the ghostbusters(or sometimes at michelangelo or oogie boogie)plus this guy looked awesome!

[4.jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas] this was a well detailed toy.it was meant for adult collecters but this guy was always picked for action figure battles and still remained in one peice!

[3.freddy krueger from cinema of fear] yes this figure came out last year but he's a retro charachter. and another adult collecter figure that holds up really good.(P.S. he has an interchangable skull head!)
[2.big mouth talkin' mikey from tmnt the movie] this is yet another retro charachter redone for my generation.this guy is awesome he says cowabunga and burps too!what more could you want?

[1.talking buzz and woody from toy story] now theese are toys every kid had when i was growing up.theese looked like they jumped right outof the movie and under your christmas tree!(P.S. toy story is my favorite movie ever!) hope you enjoyed my list it's my first article i'll get better!-markspictures