I think allot of people know the game Legend Of Zelda got allot of influence from the film Legend. Both film and game are brilliant fantasy adventures but I was going to try and show how close they actually were.

In Legend you can see the beautiful fantasy looking forest with all sorts of creatures in it. The way they actually crafted the forest hand made was brilliant especially the large trees.

Legend Forest- kokiri Forest

The elves of the forest- kokiri people

Jack the hero posing in his armour. He may not have elf ears so maybe Legend Of Zelda wanted the look of Gump more.

Jack- Link

Princess Lilly- Princess Zelda

The Sacred Unicorn- Epona

Oona the fairy- Navi

Darkness- Ganondorf

The Great Tree. Even though it was a castle in Legend Of Zelda you can still see the gloomy comparison. They did use the wise tree in Legend Of Zelda though which reminds you of the Great Tree.

The Great Tree- Great Deku Tree

Cook Gauntlets- Skeleton soldiers

Darkness vs. Jack - Ganondorf vs. link

Even though Legend Of Zelda was influenced by Legend I think it would be cool to see a film on the screen of it, mainly Ocarina Of Time since that was my favorite game. A live action version would be great but I've always thought Studio Gibli could make a great film out of it because there films seem to suite the style and humor that the game had anyway.

I wanted to end the article talking about the score. Legend theatrical score is what everyone grew up on including me but they released a U.S version of it or the original version intended for the film recently in a special edition. The original score sounded like something from a Zelda game and gave it a much more fantasy feel for the film but I found at times being irritated by it. I then listened to the theatrical score again and have to say I prefer it still.
I found the film easier to watch with the theatrical score. Although the other one had a brilliant fantasy feel the theatrical score seemed to suite the film more in my opinion. I still enjoyed watching the extended version and nice to see new things which completed the scenes.

I hope you found this article interesting to see the comparisons between the film and game. There both great in their own way.