Dear Dudes and Dudettes

I was recently looking for the utlimate viewing experince when i realized all of the shows for kids today are just horrible, and an insult to childrens programming. I mean we were the lucky ones, we had one of the greatest stations at our fingertips, Totally rad shows such as Rocko's modern life, Goosebumps
Are you afraid of the dark
Groundling marsh, Earthworm jim, Uh-Oh, Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Real Monsters,
Biker Mice From Mars

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

and the list can go on and on. The pre- Hannah Montana days, the glory days of our youth. Todays generation will never know a time were they can stand up and fight for the things they inced loved because frankly all the new shows suck. so if your with me and agree that there should be a place to relive some of our greatest memories. There now is, I would like to present WWW.MOGULUS.COM/YTVRETRO, on this site you'll find all of the greatest shows from early 90s ytv, as well as commercials and ytv promos. So wait are you waiting for, go to the site and spring forth into action and save a decade long forgotten. GOOD LUCK, WE'RE ALL COUNTING ON YOU