When you watch a scary movie you always follow command practices. Wait till its dark out, Turn off all the lights in the house. Grab a security blanket and prepare to get scared. The fear we love to feel. Knowing that you're a spectator watching and if it gets too insane, simply turn off the T.V., but sometimes it's not that easy.

One classis character that always lingers around in the dark for me when I was young was the clown from the Poltergeist. I never trusted clowns after seen that movie. There were alot of scary parts in the movie, but that freaky clown always stood out. But I would always watch the movie. Knowing it was going to be a sleepless night, why?

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To know what causes that in me even from a young age,
my mom would always yell at me. You're going to have nightmares and me always thinking really i hope it's a real scary one. Which brings me to the godfather of nightmares?Freddy!

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Nightmare on Elm street was more like nightmare in my
bed room, your talking about a child killer who hang's out
in your dreams. Usually I would lay in bed tossing and turning thinking Freddy must be pissed I haven't fell asleep yet,Good times.

These next two really scared me even till this day i shiver when ever anyone brings up the twins from the shining.
Nothing is more scarier than those two little girls.That movie made me scared of twins they don't even need to be identical, they just freak me out.
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This next movie and character really flip the switch on me when I first saw it. The night time was always the setting for these types of movies, morning was the save haven but Halloween and Michael Myers change that for me forever.
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Usually it's dark out when all these slashers are lurking around, but in Halloween he stocks his pray in the morning. Standing in front of her school! Lurking in the back yard! By the cloths line, ducking in the bushes! I love it. A perfect slasher film for a morning set environment. Just what a fan like me needed!

This next charter almost got me band from watch scary movies in my house as a kid. This movie was the first one I ever saw that was based on true events. So that in itself was scary. Of course I'm talking about the exorcist.

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I was so over my head when I watched this movie, I think my mom let me watch it in hopes of derailing my love for these types of movies. And it almost worked. But after a while it work its way back into the normal rotation.

Last but not least, Jason Voorhees.

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Know I would be lying if I said Jason scared me. He was one of the only slashers I always cheered for. And was sad when he would die at the end, I hope that isn't to sick. The guy would only bother with you if you entered his woods. Seems simple enough don't go camping.

I always reflect on how this movie excited and thrilled me, nothing beats that feeling. And when you get older thing get a little tame, but no matter what they always stay with you. late at night when your walking in a dark parking lot. Walking passed a grave yard late at night. Passing an old abandon house,The little kid in you will always reflect back to those movie and characters that scared us ever so much. I know there are alot of scare movies and creepy characters I left out, I don't mean no disrespect to the slasher gods. I'll get to them on the next article.