While many people will argue that Tom Cruise's film career came alive when he slid into the hall way to Bob Seger's 'Old time rock and roll' in Risky Business it seems a great injustice for that film to be remembered for that one scene.

Written and directed by Paul Brickman this film in my eyes beats a lot of the high school movies about hands down and I'm only 21. It has a great style about it that many 'high school' movies don't. Not only is Cruise great in it the supporting cast all manage to be totally believable.Rebecca De Mornay is absolutely smoking as Lana the call girl in her film debut. The intro is also one of the best ever and the poker table scene is also hilarious. Unlike most teen movies sex isn't held on this unreachable pedestal just like real life it's easily attanable to the characters (whether they pay for it or not).

The soundtrack by Tangerine Dream fits the mood perfectly with its dream like sounds and synthesized beat.

The film also reeks of coolness. With Cruise cracking on the Ray Ban wayfarers to him and his friend driving around in his dads Porsche and his eventual 'risky business', turning his family's house into a brothel!

However many of my friends wouldn't even know this movie existed if it wasnt for the dancing scene. I know I'm only 21 and technically haven't grown up with this film but I bought it on dvd 2 years ago and to say I spent a £100 on buying Ray Bans and £80 buying the timberland shoes that Cruise wears in the films shows the effect this film had on me (that or I'm just an incredible loser).

So in conclusion I feel this film is so underrated and remembered for all the wrong reasons.

It shouldn't be seen as the film that launched Cruise nor as 'the one where he dances in his pants'. This is one of the best films of the 80s. A forgotten gem.

Whether you agree or not I don't care it's your decision but remember sometimes you just gotta say 'what the fuck, make your move' because if you can't say it...you can't do it.