anyway, animorphs was one of the most succesful book series of the 90's. it spawned a toyline, a t.v show, 2 video games, and it is being rumored that an animorphs movie is in production. it may be a lie, but, we'll just have to find out.

this is visser three. he was the main villian in the series. the plot is that 5 kids and an alien are given the power to morph into animals who they come into contact with by an alien to fight a species of alien slugs that crawl into your brain and control you. yeah, it was hard to keep track of, but when we saw the show, we didn't care. we wanted to see aliens and animals fighting! but, the show is way different from the books. the books were dark, there was a bit of cursing (if you consider crap a curse word) and blood was everywhere. so, since nickelodeon (BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY) was airing the show, we knew it would be toned down a bit. but the first episode was awesome.

now, the crew did find some good actors (besides brooke nevin, blond chick who played rachel, she wasn't that good of an actor, but she makes up for it by being sinfully hot)
but this angered some people. they said that the actors looked nothing like in the book, and that the effects were bad, and the story was stupid for some episodes, so nick pulled the show. sad, its really sad.

aww, now the toy line. this was marketed as part of the beast wars, but had nothing in common with it. it was a short line, only having a few figures, but the tri rex was the most famous, cause it was a dinosaur, and kids like dinos. and i am still on my lifelong quest to aquire a red visser three/ inferno creature. can anyone help me out?

now to the games. there were 2. one for the game boy, sucking majorly, and 1 for the playstation. i call it the GREATEST GAME ON THE PS1. the graphics were breathtaking, and the voces were awesome.

i hope you enjoyed this article.