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Ahh.. The majestic Blockbuster

Every weekend my two brothers and I would take turns to rent a game during the early to mid 90s. I was the youngest and would often be ridiculed for poor video game choices, but one choice I never forgot was Final Fantasy II. (Now properly recognized as Final Fantasy IV)

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Words cant describe the magic inside

I was young and couldn't read, but I rented Final Fantasy II one weekend because I loved watching my oldest brother play RPGs since he was better at them. My middle brother and I would watch him for hours as our brother embarked on an epic quest to stop the evil Golbez and to return to the crystals to grace.

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The opening scenes to an epic adventure

You may be thinking: "That's an RPG! How could some kid get the story or anything meaningful out of it?"

Ah yes, you do have a point, but thats why I thought I'd write this article! I had to use the visuals and the music to tell the story. With the emotional soundtrack and my imagination, (along with my brothers cluing me in on important events going on) I could feel just as much of the magic my older brothers felt when they read the many lines of text supplimenting what I was seeing and hearing.

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One of many battles fought

I knew when Kain betrayed the party by the images and ominous music that played when he two-timed the party. I knew when Edge was heart-broken when he had to fight his parents because the demented doctor transformed them into beasts. I knew the personalities of the characters: The noble Cecil and his battles against his dark past, the kind-hearted Rosa, the quirky Palom and Porom, and many more.

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Palom and Porom can help!

Later on in life I would enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played, but the nostalgia and magic was still the same as it was when I was a little boy. That just goes to show you the power of a video game soundtrack. When you are fighting one of the four elemental fiends, I knew they were more than the average boss because of the music that played during their "Decisive Battles." I knew Golbez was important to the story because of his theme and the feelings that were conveyed on screen whenever he was about.

You can be assured that when I have kids, I will let them experience the same magic I felt when I was little.

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Even if you never got to play this game when it came out, tree it!.. er, try it!