It was a major Christmas present. I remember seeing a full colored version. Months of begging ensued, and finally, my father dragged me out to Consumer's Plus to find it. Upon arrival, they only had the Black & Gold version of it.

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It was a huge toy; when fully built, it would stand about 12 inches tall. It came in pieces, with instructions on how to transform the different Zords into the body parts of the Power Rangers's ultimate weapon. From memory, the Pterodactal piece was the breastplate of the Megazord, and the wings folded inwards. The most finicky piece was the Mastodon, as the gold pieces for the horns always came off.

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Building it was amazing. It was the only toy that made you think about how the pieces locked together. The plastic folded in a way to make space for joints and you had a bit of movement with the finished toy as well.

The two tricky bits were folding down the T-Rex head (it was designed to cover the Megazord's humanoid head), and getting the darn Pterodactal to lock in place when making the vehicle form of the Megazord.

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If I remember correctly, the triceratops and the sabretooth tiger turned into the legs, the body was done with the T-Rex, the mastadon split into two for the arms, and the breastplate was done with the Pterodactal.

It was pretty hard to "transform", and even my father couldn't figure it out without getting out the little instruction sheet. I got pretty good at transforming it from Megazord robot to the Megazord vehicle form.

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The only problem with this toy was that it didn't come with the power ranger figures. That would have been crazily cool. And the fact that the joints would have worn out due to them being plastic and snapping into place.

As with all Power Rangers toys, it came with decals and the giant power sword for the Megazord. Of course I ended up losing the giant power sword, and the decals once the box was open, but I still loved my Megazord.

In fact, it stood guard over the rest of my toy chest, or even did guard duty over my room.

I wish I hadn't lost this toy during a Spring Cleaning bash!