"Shout, shout let it all out
these are the things
I can do without come on
I'm talking to you come on"

I have a penchant for 80s music and why not? Some of the best bands came out of or made music in the 80s.

In 1985 one of my favourite english bands came out with their most successful album to date. The album was called "Songs From The Big Chair" and the band's name is Tears For Fears.

Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith on the cover of 1985's Songs From The Big Chair.

The group consisted of four lads from the english city of Bath in Sommerset, England. Roland Orzabal, lead guitar, keyboards, and vocals, Curt Smith, Bass, keyboards, and Vocals, Ian Stanley, keyboards, and vocals, and Manny Elias, Drums.

This article is a little tribute to Roland and Curt.

Curt Smith in the present time. He still looks as good as he did back in the day.

The band's name "Tears For Fears" is dirived from primal scream therapy treatment created by Arthur Janov who treated John Lennon.

Curt Smith circa mid 1980s

Roland Orzabal at the 1985 MTV Music Video Awards.

Roland Orzabal circa 1989

Roland Orzabal in the present time. Amidst all of the wrinkles and sagging skin lies a guy who really rocked the 80s. :)

My favourite song off of Songs From The Big Chair is Shout. It's probably the best and most important song that Tears For Fears ever wrote. If you're wondering what Shout is about. They shout out against things that disturb them.

I think that in order to fully understand what the song is about you have to really listen to the lyrics of the song. I've provided the begining chorus of the song at the begining of this article.

Curt and Roland then

Curt and Roland now.

Songs From The Big Chair went multi-platinum and sold over 9 million copies and spawned several successful singles, Shout #1 on the Billboard's Hot Dance Charts, #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Charts, Head Over Heels #3 Billboard's Hot 100 Charts, Everybody Wants To Rule The World #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

In 2005. 20 years after Songs From The Big Chair, after a long hiatus Curt and Roland decided to get back together. Their last album "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending" is a thank you to their fans.

One of the reasons why I like Tears For Fears is their music. They write all of their own music and they play their own instruments. There's something about Tears For Fears' music that is so inspiring.