Holiday Magic Where Art Thou

I think what happens with the holiday wonderment is that when you are a child your mind is not filled. It is not filled with answers, and it is not polluted with junk. When you are a child you are still innocent, you still have genuine joy. So many things are possible because so many things are unanswered. You are not aware of the evils in men. You are not subjected to certain realities that make an adults outlook often appear gray. So it really isnt hard to see why we have lost our Holiday magic, and why so many of us try to find it again.

But what is the trick to finding the magic? I have observed that with me, when I try to find the magic, then it is forced. I almost always fail. You have to hope that lifes little moments surprise you out of the blue. It is like that old saying, A watched pot never boils. When you try hard to look for it, you never find it. Incidentally that is a hard lesson many young men learn about young women. *Cough*.

So I believe the way you handle the great search for that rarely felt holiday joy in its purest form is that you stumble upon it. You go about your daily lives. You enjoy the holidays but dont have that expectation that sets you up for disappointment. And if that memory trigger happens out of the blue that fills you with warm fuzzys, dont sit and question what caused it so that you can capture it in a bottle. Just live in the moment and enjoy it.