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"Back in the days, when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but, some days I sit and wish I was a kid again."-Ahmad

I,NastradumasKid, born on June 30,1991 in the NY. Growing up in the NY ('91- early '98) was one of my best memories of my childhood in the 90s. Why is that you say? Well, I guess back then me and Ma had more money and more time to spend together from watching Saturday morning cartoons to just going to Kids 'R Us (remember that?) to just playing Mario Brosarticle image. on the NES (my very first game I played as a toddler. Oh, remember the Super Mario ice cream pops with the gum ball for a nose? Loved it!)article image
Remember the camel in the cigarette ads? I use to find that funny and I was mad when they got rid of the camel.
Anyway, me and Ma lived in the subs, the only black people at the time (until later on). However, we still struggled and had hard times but, we had fun and always had something to do. As I said before, we watched cartoons together, hung out at the mall, and etc. I also used to take ballet classes and I loved it.
Back then, I was so obessed with Pocahontas and had a Pocahontas themed room. In my room, I had Barbie dolls, Beanie babies, N64, a collection of fast-food toys, Kitchen Little,Crash Bandicootarticle image, and whole bunch of Video tapes of Disney movies even those corny sequels to classic masterpieces.
My favorite shows growing up were the Rugrats, Ren & Stimpyarticle image, Cow & Chickenarticle image,Dexter's Labortory, Ducktales, Angry Beavers, All That, and MANY MORE!!! I even use to watch the games shows on Nick like Figure it out! (getting pissed as hell because Kel and the other All That cast called out stupid answers.) Later on, I moved from the NY to the South in '98, spending most of my time with my grandparents.
One of the most influential people in my childhood was my Grandpa. I admit when I was very very young I didn't hang out with him much until he was diagnosed with diabetes and had his leg amputated so he had to stay home. He was the greatest person and best friend I ever had. We use to watch t.v. together, played board games, and joked and laugh to together. He also helped me deal with issue with bullies and helped me with my homework. He was one of the very very few people that truly understood me. One day, I was walking home from school and saw my uncle and mom walking towards me and I was wondering why they were there. When we get to my granparents house, I see my grandmother crying and my 11 year old self asking "Where's Grandpa?" my grandmother answered "Granpa's gone.".......I could believe it....I said "WHY?!"...and after he died (in 2003 by the way) I cried myself to sleep and two months later my cousin was born never to understand the good times I had with Grandpa. Even though he was sick, he was almost always happy.
When I entered 7th grade, Everything was a disaster. I was bullied by everyone, my mother was beginning to make things worst by yelling and hurting me emotional, and without Grandpa,article image I had a very low-esteem and wanted to hurt the bullies but, mostly kill myself. At those times, I also had issues with my grandmother but, she never gave up on me and managed to get through it in one piece.
By 2004, It got a little better and met some nice people but, it wasn't the same like before. However, in 2005, entering High School, I met a really good friend name Shanna and we're still friends to this day, which is rarely because I never been friends with someone that long before. We hang out and have Orchestra together. She also understands me more than any friend I ever had did. Without Shanna, I would be lost and I really love her. Anyway, in 2005, things got better but, I was pissed at the fact that BET, Nick, CN, and Disney changed so much. I was even mad when Nick closed the studio down and unfortunely I never went there and it was one of my childhood dreams to go there.
Later on, I struggled in High School and ran into some problems. Still, I didn't fall into peer pressure and was on the right track. Now as of 2008, I am a Senior and will be Graduating in 2009, preparing for the real world. Even though I struggled through this decade, I learned alot from my troubling experiences. Because of this decade, It made me a stronger person that I am now. Sure, we may be in a reccession, gas prices are a bitch, and so on. At least, I am alive and I thank God that I'm not pregnant or on drugs.
Someday, I may sit and laugh about how crazy the other things (I didn't mention) in childhood and how crazy my mom was. LOL. Like the time I sneaked to watch Purple rain on t.v. and got caught. Boy, it sometimes makes me sad that some of the kids now don't know the Rugrats or hand clap games (mary mac). Still I'm glad I lived through this childhood and almost to an end so as my man Ahmad would say.......

"I miss those days, and so I pout like a grown jerk
wishin all I had to do now, was finish homework
It's true, you don't realize really what you got til it's gone
And I'm not, gonna sing another sad song, but, sometimes I do sit and reminesce then
think about the years I was raised, back in the days."-Ahmad
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