This is my first ever article anywhere, but this seems to be the place for me to get the job done. There is nothing like a group of people that have the same interests and views to make right the wrongs that others impose on you. This article is to reach out to others that have the same love for this great country and to save it before our loves for things that are right and places that are good are ever so quietly swept away from us by those that care only about who the first trillionaire will be. Now a little about me. I lived in a steel mill town called Weirton when I was a little dude until I was 12. When Reagan took the seat he saw to it that we got the bulk of our steel from across the pond and put a lot of hard working men and women out of a job. It seems that now you can't find a job in a factory unless your name appears in a chinese phone book, nothing against any one with chinese heritage. I remember walking the bridge that ran down the middle of the mill to get to the Ice cream store with my sister on Saturday mornings after cartoons to get candy and ice cream with the $3 allowance we each received for our weekly duties of house chores and homework. That $3 bought a double scoop of which ever flavor that saciated your love for the frozen summer treat and a bag of candy. Today, $3 will not even get the gas to mow the lawn to make the $3 allowance to go buy a $2 ball of frozen crap and the 69 cent Snickers bar and only leaves you enough for about three pieces of Bazooka Joe bubble gum. I understand inflation but holy crap. Unless you work for healthcare or the government, your job is about as secure as a Ferrari left unlocked and running. I, fortunately, work for the Government and even that will be questionable if a certain Democrat takes office. Anyhow, I just wish there were more Americans working in American companies so our families could have more American money to give their American kids to spend on American stuff. The next time you are at a store that has a self-checkout, do join me in not using it because it promotes the loss of about 4 jobs of some high school kid, some retired person that needs a little extra cash or just some person that needs a job. I'll be back soon to make another hit on how I think we need to fix what is seemingly the downfall of our great nation that so many fought and died for.